MarkMagic 9.5

The latest version of MarkMagic has even more of what our customers told us they want. We’ve added color printing capabilities, more printer type support, new design shapes and lines, and other goodies. Try MarkMagic 9.5 for free today!

Epson Color Label Print Driver Support

Support for Epson Colorworks® color inkjet label printers has been added. No more pre-printed label stock with color background. Print color labels with plain stock, and save. Industry leading Epson color printers can print labels fast without smearing at a wickedly sharp 1200 x 600 DPI.

Color labels you can produce include: on demand GHS-compliant labels, custom food labels, healthcare labels, branded product labels, and packaging labels.

MarkMagic 9.5 now supports Epson color label printing.

Add Curves and Shapes to Your Formats

MarkMagic now allows you to create and print shapes including Circles, Ovals and Arcs. This new feature has been added to our HP PCL, Zebra and Datamax drivers.

These cool new shapes can have color, shading and styling applied to them allowing you to create some very unique forms and label designs. Let your imagination go wild, and take your forms and labels from ordinary to extraordinary.

Autobag Printing Support

Looking for an easier way to prepare shipments? CYBRA’s MarkMagic label & forms software can drive printing on Autobag printers.

If you ship merchandise in small shipping bags, this is a perfect solution that allows you to print shipping or item labels directly onto your bags. It can be done simultaneously at packing time with your live transaction data.

Print shipping information directly onto shipping bags with MarkMagic barcode printing software.

New Edit Feature for PDF Text Fields

We’ve revved up the MarkMagic PDFs by adding editable text fields.

These are special fields that will only show on PDF documents and are commonly used to allow users to fill in information when they view, print, or share the PDF document.

Toshiba TEC Printer Support

We’ve been supporting Toshiba TEC printers for years. Toshiba offers a premium range of industrial printers for a wide variety of applications. We’ve now added support for these printers to MarkMagic Platform Independent. That means these durable, low consumption, and fast Toshiba TEC printers are supported on your Linux, AIX, Windows, and Unix servers.

Check out the full list of Toshiba TEC printers MarkMagic supports.

MarkMagic 9.5 supports Toshiba TEC thermal barcode printers.

New Line Types

MarkMagic 9.5 also includes a diagonal lines design function. Diagonal lines are now supported on HP PCL5 and PDF. So now, you can add rounded and arrow/triangle line end styles to your forms and labels.

Just another way you can design your forms and labels, and stand out from the competition.

New PDF URL Linking

We’ve added a new option to embed a custom URL link to text, barcode and graphic fields in MarkMagic. When printing to PDF, those fields with embedded URL will be clickable and will redirect the user to the desired website. No longer will you have to “hide” a white URL text field next to whatever field you want to be clickable.

For example, when you place your company logo on your invoice, your customers can click it and go to your website.

Try MarkMagic 9.5 for Free Today

Since 1985, CYBRA has been solving some of the most vexing auto-ID challenges in the world. Relied on by many of the biggest names in retail, distribution, and manufacturing, trust CYBRA with all your Auto-ID needs. Contact us to see how upgrading to MarkMagic 9.5 can positively impact your business.

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