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ISV Partner Program

Unlock the Advantages of Joining the CYBRA Software Partner Program


Join a prestigious group of leading software providers by becoming a part of CYBRA’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program.

Our program empowers CYBRA partners to deliver time-tested solutions to their customers without the burden of internal development costs.

CYBRA's ISV parnters

Key Benefits

You can generate additional sources of revenue through sales of CYBRA’s software solutions to future customers as well as to your current installed base. They will realize significant cost savings over their current methods and your customers will want the enhanced functionality provided by CYBRA’s Auto-ID software. These net savings will give your customers compelling reasons to upgrade.

Save Money

You’ll greatly reduce, or eliminate, your staff costs for ongoing source code maintenance and customer support for producing RFID tags, barcode labels, and forms. Your staff will no longer need to learn, and maintain, competence on complex printer and RFID device command languages. An administrative person (instead of a programmer) can quickly create new formats, change existing formats and create and maintain rules for RFID processing.

Cost Savings

Slash development expenses and time, boosting your bottom line.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Profit Generation

Enjoy lucrative profit margins of up to 60% by reselling CYBRA products.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with our flexible suite of APIs for quick and scalable solutions.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Branding Flexibility

White label CYBRA products to enhance your offerings with reliable, proven technology.

Our Products


A comprehensive enterprise barcode & forms solution enabling users to easily create a diverse set of business documents, including barcode labels, packing slips, and more – – without writing a single line of code.

  • Easily plug into your system via API
  • Powerful designer tool for easy customizations
  • Hundreds of pre-defined label and form templates
  • Ensures compliance for shipping & retail
  • Compatibility with over 600 types of supported printers or ability to generate PDFs
  • Eliminates development for design and printing of labels and forms
  • RFID encoded tag generation capabilities


Edgefinity IoT

An advanced RFID software solution for inventory management, asset tracking, personnel monitoring, and more.  Features include:

  • Automate inventory receiving, cycle counting, and outbound QC with accuracy rates exceeding 98%
  • Support for both passive and active RFID, including RTLS (real-time location system)
  • Powerful rules engine to automate actions like alerts and alarms
  • “Seek & Find” functionality to quickly find items via handheld devices
  • Easily encode existing barcoded items with RFID encoded tags
  • Extensive hardware support numerous providers for scanners, antennas, and UWB technology



What is an ISV Partner?

An ISV partner, also known as an Independent Software Vendor partner, refers to a company or organization that develops and sells software products or applications that are independent of hardware platforms or operating systems. ISV partners create software solutions to address specific business needs or market demands and typically specialize in certain industries or sectors.

ISV partners often collaborate with technology companies, platform providers, or other organizations to integrate their software solutions with existing platforms or technologies. This collaboration allows ISV partners to leverage the capabilities of these platforms and reach a broader customer base. In many cases, ISV partners participate in partner programs offered by platform providers, which provide access to resources, support, and marketing opportunities to promote their software products.

How Does the Integration Process Work?

Our team of experts will work closely with you to facilitate the integration of our RFID tracking and barcode label printing software into your solution. We provide comprehensive documentation, APIs, and technical support to streamline the integration process and ensure compatibility with your software platform.

Can I Customize the Software to Meet the Specific Needs of My Customers?

Yes, our software is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the functionality and user experience to meet the unique requirements of your customers. Whether it’s adding new features, modifying existing ones, or integrating with third-party systems, our flexible software platform enables you to deliver solutions that align perfectly with your customers’ needs.

Is There a Cost Associated with Joining the ISV Partner Program?

No, there is no cost to join our ISV Partner Program. We believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and providing our partners with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Why Partners Choose CYBRA for Their Business and Customers

Whether you’re a startup, consultancy, corporation, or small business, CYBRA’s software and solutions can be a powerful addition to your organization’s portfolio. Get started today by filling out the following application.

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