Since 1985, CYBRA has been solving the most vexing auto-ID challenges in the world.

CYBRA was founded in 1985.

Back then we had a Macintosh 128K, and a goal to the best software in the industry. Our interest in software and technology was broad at first, but we quickly found a niche in the Auto-ID software and integration industry. Our passion to provide the world’s best software is what separates us from the rest of the industry. Currently, we serve hundreds of fortune 500 businesses, and we went public in 2006.

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CYBRA’s History

Our Story Over the Years


CYBRA is Founded

CYBRA Corporation was founded as a New York corporation in 1985 by Harold Brand, an IT professional with extensive experience in computer systems design, and Dr. Shlomo Kalish, an authority in marketing for start-up ventures.


CYBRA becomes IBM Business Partner

CYBRA enters into a partnership with IBM in order to resell Israeli software products for IBM Midrange Systems.


MarkMagic Version 1.0 Released

CYBRA identified a market need for bar code label software, and developed a new proprietary software product known as MarkMagic.


MarkMagic 2.0 Released

With the release of MarkMagic version 2.0, CYBRA’s development team adds visual design capabilities.


Computer Associates becomes First OEM Partner

Computer Associates, now known as CA Technologies and a subsidiary of Broadcom, becomes the first software company to offer CYBRA’s software within their own system.

VAI become OEM Partner with CYBRA
The CYBRA executive team strikes a deal with VAI (Vormittag Associates Inc.) to integrate MarkMagic within VAI’s S2k software products and systems.
Manhattan Associates become OEM Partner with CYBRA
The CYBRA executive team strikes a deal with Manhattan Associates to integrate MarkMagic within Manhattan’s WMS products.
MarkMagic 4.0 Released

With the release of version 4.0 comes MarkMagic’s first GUI designer known as JMagic.

MarkMagic Version 5.0 Released

MarkMagic version 5.0 brings along its first add-on addition – FormWeaver. the new software feature allows users to combine files into one MarkMagic document.

EdgeMagic Version 1.0 Released

CYBRA enters the RFID software industry with the release of its first passive RFID system – EdgeMagic.

CYBRA Relocates

CYBRA moves its headquarters to the Yonkers, NY waterfront. Subsequently, sales and customer support personnel moved to West Seneca, New York.

Edgefinity IoT Released

CYBRA releases its first active RFID system known as Edgefinity IoT in order to provide solutions for asset tracking and personnel safety monitoring.

MarkMagic X Released

CYBRA’s development team deploys MarkMagic X. The tenth version includes SQL support, PDF merging, advanced graphics conversion, reusable text blocks, and several new design features.


Flourish become OEM Partner with CYBRA

The CYBRA executive team strikes a deal with Flourish Software to integrate MarkMagic within their seed-to-sale supply chain and cannabis POS software.

Our Products

Simply put, we want to apply what our software can do in every facet of industry and daily life. We want to help improve every industry. From inventory management to safety and security, our software helps any industry solve problems.

Our flagship product, MarkMagic, is barcode, RFID and forms middleware relied on by customers worldwide. Edgefinity IoT is CYBRA’s RFID software technology. Edgefinity IoT is a platform for building integrated applications that locate objects and people in real-time.

Our Offices

Headquarters are located in the original Otis Elevator Company factory on the waterfront in Yonkers, NY. Just steps from the Yonkers station on the Metro North Hudson Rail Line, CYBRA is just 25 minutes from Grand Central Terminal.

Research & development offices are located in Southgate Plaza. The West Seneca Branch Office at 954 Union Road is minutes from the Aurora Expressway.

Our Leaders

The leadership at CYBRA is a unique group of expert software developers, executives, and investors.

Harold Brand - Chairman of the Board & CEO

Harold Brand
Chairman of the Board & CEO

Harold is a founder of CYBRA and has been its President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since 1985.

Sheldon Reich - Chief Solutions Architect

Sheldon Reich
Chief Solutions Architect

Sheldon has been VP of Marketing and a Director of the Company since 1989. He is an expert in the creative application of Auto ID technology.

Chuck Roskow - Vice President of Operations

Chuck Roskow
Vice President of Operations

Chuck heads CYBRA’s West Seneca, NY branch office and is responsible for pre-sales and post-sales support of CYBRA’s software.

Careers at CYBRA

We are a fast growing, high technology company headquartered on the historic Yonkers waterfront. Our customer support and sales center based in West Seneca, NY.


Partnerships we align with include companies in every industry across the world. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve made in this industry. And, we’re excited to add more!

Zebra Technologies
Avery Dennison
Varsity Logistics
Alien Technology
Wynne Systems
Omni ID
Manhattan Associates
RMS Omega