CYBRA has many years of experience helping customers in a wide range of industries, solve some of their most vexing auto-ID challenges.


MarkMagic barcode software is the easiest way to design and print the barcode labels, electronic forms, reports, and RFID tags you need to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

Edgefinity IoT (RFID Solutions)

Whether you need to track large amounts of inventory, locate misplaced equipment, or ensure the employee safety, Edgefinity IoT lets you deploy RFID/RTLS capabilities without custom programming.


For the warehouse, retail floor, and in transit, CYBRA offers a complete catalog of hardware solutions that work in lockstep with CYBRA’s software

CYBRA Corporation

Over 30 years of software sales & development. Thousands of customers worldwide. And, we’re just getting started. CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and barcode forms & labeling software solutions.

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