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Label Printing ➝

Modernized label printing tools to help your operations keep up with ever changing demands and regulations – all in one powerful software package.

Asset Tracking ➝

Asset tracking software for monitoring equipment and assets. Optimize usage, locate tools faster, and improve efficiency with our RFID applications.

MarkMagic ➝

Relied on by thousands of customers worldwide, MarkMagic solves barcoding, labeling and forms design and printing challenges. Modernize the way you manage and print your documents with MarkMagic.​ Design and print your forms, labels, barcodes, and RFID tags from one powerful software package.

Why MarkMagic?

MarkMagic is the chosen enterprise barcode label and form printing engine for major WMS products, ERP systems, 3PLs, and teams around the world.

EdgeMicro ➝

A simple RFID starter solution that solves common issues in logistical and inventory management. Ideal for lower scale needs, smaller environments, or proof of concept RFID projects. Deploy RFID into your supply chain without big investments or customizations.

RFID Starter Solution

EdgeMicro is easy to use, easy to implement, and brings immediate results to your operation without heavy investments in time, effor, and capital.

Edgefinity IoT ➝

Edgefinity IoT is an RFID software application built for organizations looking to gain visibility across large industrial environments. Whether you need to track large amounts of inventory, locate misplaced equipment, or ensure the safety of your employees, Edgefinity IoT lets you quickly deploy advanced, industrial strength tracking capabilities.

Enterprise RFID

Edgefinity IoT is an application that combines RFID with tracking technology and gives users the ability to track assets, locate inventory, and monitor employees.

Hardware ➝

For the warehouse, retail floor, in transit, and beyond - We offer the latest hardware products that work with our software applications from brands such as Alien, Brother, Zebra, Bixolon, SATO, Xerafy, and many others.

RFID Tunnel

CYBRA’s RFID tunnel is a 99.99% accurate carton validation solution for conveyor belts. Built for distributors looking to improve shipping accuracy.

[2024 RFID Integration Guide]

Have you been handed an RFID tag mandate from one of your retail partners? This ebook is a complete guide that will help manufacturers, and distributors reap great benefits from deploying RFID into your operations.


CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and enterprise barcode label software solutions.

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5 Reasons to Switch to Color Label Printing

Color Label Printing – Not Just For Aesthetics

Color labels are just an expensive way to make your products look pretty, right? Wrong!

Brand recognition, product appeal, and competitive advantages have direct correlations to how items are packaged and designed. Via a survey by Harris Interactive, 56% of printer users feel the most important reason to print in color is to reinforce their professional image.

But improving your brands outward appearance isn’t the only reason to use color label and packaging. Here are five reasons to consider adding color label printing capabilities to your supply chain. 

Adding color label printing capabilities to your operations can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

1. Information Comprehension

In many instances adding some color to your labels or forms can go a long way. Colors can help direct folks to instructions or information they’re looking for before they even search for it. For products that require instructions or lots of ancillary information, adding color to said information can make the difference between an angry complaint and a happy loyal returning customer.

According to the Harris Interactive survey, about 75% of those surveyed reported visually sorting through new information more easily when it was in color and almost 70% reported understanding information better in color.

2. Attention Capturing

Let’s be honest. For a lot of people, if it’s not right in their face, they’re not noticing it. A brightly colored packaging label stands out more than a black and white label. But, this principle isn’t just about aesthetics. From that same Harris Interactive survey, 43% of respondents are more likely to pay on time and 31% are more likely to pay the full amount, when critical information is highlighted in color on an invoice. Information like billing details, return info, web page URL’s, and due dates are much easier to notice when they’re in color.

And, in instances of safety, color labels are often a requirement. GHS labels, for example, are required to be colorized in order to be OSHA compliant

3. Production Efficiency

In your day-to-day operations, color can be used to improve overall production efficiency.

How? Color is a great way to distinguish tasks as well as basic vital information. Reduce shipping errors by color labeling inbound and outbound shipments by color. Colorizing labels and task information saves time and reduces mistakes since employees don’t have to refer to manuals, or lengthy instruction notes. And, by simply conveying technical information by color, ops teams can see a return on their color label printing investment in a matter of weeks.

4. Brand Recognition

Standing out from your competition can make a huge difference when consumers are choosing which product to buy. Adding color to your labels gives your brand a huge leg up. According to, A “signature color” for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80%.

Even for B2B products, consistent branding and packaging is important. So often a purchasing decision or selection is done quickly. Color evokes emotions and memories in a unique way. By deploying color printing into your supply chain, you can capitalize on your hard earned brand reputation in a much more effective manner.

5. Streamlined Printing Process

You may already be enjoying some of the benefits of printing your labels in color. If you do, then you probably know that it comes with a slightly bigger price tag. If your color label printing processes aren’t cohesively implemented, the ROI you may be expecting may not be as high as you’d hope. 

Properly deploying a color label printing process is vital to maximizing that ROI. Simply deciding to print in color is not enough. Brands and manufacturers can eliminate ineffective workarounds like ordering pre-printed color labels by choosing the right color label printing solution. With the right color label printing tools, operations team can print high quality color labels on demand. And, with label design and printing software like MarkMagic, designing and editing your color labels becomes an easy task that just takes a few minutes.


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