Safety & Security

It takes more than a locked door to ensure the safety & security of your staff, guests, or goods. That’s where CYBRA’s software applications come in. Get peace of mind with CYBRA’s RFID safety & security solutions.

RFID & Barcode Software For Safety & Security

Accidents happen, and bad guys are out there.
Stay ahead of it all by protecting what’s important to you with the newest technology in the world.
With CYBRA’s RFID solutions, you can track staff movements, notify security, and ensure that expensive equipment won’t get lost.

What Can CYBRA Solutions Do For Your Safety & Security?

Personnel Tracking

Track the well-being of a patient, or the productivity of an employee by using CYBRA’s RFID tracking system.

Enhanced Data

CYBRA can give you a better handle on your day to day business by compiling data you can’t get elsewhere. Find weak spots in your business by receiving robust, accurate data from CYBRA’s software.

Provide Safety For Staff

Security is a button’s push away. CYBRA’s software allows staff members to act in case of an emergency using 3 customized call buttons on their staff badges.

Asset Utilization Prevention

Prevent theft of high valued goods. CYBRA technology can prevent unauthorized users from taking and using your most valuable items.

Lone Worker Safety

If you have isolated workers, you need to be able to keep in touch with them, and make sure they’re safe. CYBRA’s RFID technology can make it easy to keep tabs on your lone workers.

Quick ROI

Unlike most security systems, CYBRA’s RFID applications can be set up in minutes, not hours. CYBRA offers rapid ROI thanks to its ease of installation and no hardwired infrastructure requirements.

Industry Applications


A lot can happen in product distribution. Make sure goods and equipment can only be used by authorized personnel.

Long Term Care

More than 60% of people with dimentia will wander at some point during the course of the disease. Stop unsafe wandering.

Luxury Goods

Some goods are just too valuable to lose. Give them a security boost with CYBRA’s cutting edge software and hardware.


Your guests want peace and quiet. And your staff deserves to work in a secure environment. CYBRA provides both.
Lone Worker Safety & Compliance
Make sure your most isolated are safe & on task.

Our Software

The strongest asset of our company is that we can offer the most resourceful software in the Auto-ID industry.
It’s why the biggest companies in the world rely on us to help get their work done. And, it’s why we’ve been in business since 1985.



EdgeMagic® is designed to manage your edge devices, commission,write, read, and verify your RFID tags and, most importantly, it can be fully integrated with your business applications. Choose EdgeMagic to help you use RFID technology to track your assets & goods.

EdgeMagic lets you control RFID readers, barcode scanners, thermal and laser printers, light stacks, message boards, photo eyes and other devices directly from your System i, AIX, Linux or Windows business server.



MarkMagic® is the award winning Barcode Label, RFID Tag, Forms, and Report Writing solution that’s fast, versatile and powerful. With all that power, it’s still amazingly easy to learn and use. MarkMagic supports more than 450 barcode label, forms, and RFID tag printer types.

Combine that with our unparalleled printing performance, versatile design features, powerful format features and effortless application integration, you get the best software in the entire industry!