Lone Worker Safety

Lone worker safety software solutions. Make sure lone workers and employees are safe no matter where they are. Locate and monitor lone workers in real-time with CYBRA’s tracking software.

Lone Worker Safety Software

Real-Time Lone Worker Safety for Monitoring & Tracking

Edgefinity IoT provides lone worker safety solutions for companies and enterprises. Combining RFID technology and RTLS (Real Time Location Systems), Edgefinity IoT gives you an eagle eye view of your facilities and employees. Improve your enterprise’s safety initiatives with Edgefinity IoT.

Edgefinity IoT is an application that allows you to keep track of your lone workers.

Reliable lone worker safety hardware

Reliable Hardware

Edgefinity IoT is deployed with state-of-the-art RFID badges, tags, monitors and receivers, both fixed and mobile to deliver up-to-the-second information on any person, vehicle, or asset.

Real-time alerts to lone worker safety incidents

Real-Time Reactions

When an incident happens, Edgefinity IoT can automatically set off a set of intelligent reactions such as sending out emails, turning on/off lights, locking doors, call 911, or turn on/off alarms.

Build complex rules to monitor the status of lone workers.

Rules Based Logic

Build complex rules without writing a single line of code. With the Edgefinity IoT rules engine, you can select events, and pair them with the right locations, assets, and people.

Accurate Lone Worker Safety Tracking

Get a live view of a facility floor map right on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and easily look up employees by name, job type, or location.

Edgefinity IoT can give you exact coordinates of the area where the lone worker is located. RFID sensors are used to give the system instantaneous updates of lone worker’s location and status that are accurate up to a few inches. With such accuracy, safety protocols can be enforced at all times, even when workers are in remote areas.

Edgefinity IoT sends immediate lone worker safety alerts as they come in.

Any Device

Send and receive notifications from Edgefinity IoT with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Man Down Alerts

Call first responders, lock doors, send text messages, and push notifications.

Real-Time Monitoring

Run searches from the interface so you can find workers immediately and check their status.

Hardware Agnostic

Our system is compatible with virtually any RTLS hardware system.

The four biggest safety risks facing lone workers

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Easy Rule Building

Build rules for your facility to ensure lone workers are where they should be, are on task, and, most importantly, safe. Rules can be triggered by an employee falling, a lone worker entering an unauthorized location, a panic button being pressed, or a system malfunction.

Edgefinity IoT can automatically react to triggers with actions such as locking doors, stopping elevators, contacting safety personnel, and sending text messages, voice calls, emails, or push notifications.

Create rules to protect and ensure lone worker safety with Edgefinity IoT

At the heart of Edgefinity IoT is its sophisticated rules engine. Rules are created based on triggers such as a lone worker entering unauthorized areas, or a worker falling from a pre-defined distance. You can also select rule reactions such as automatic text messages, calls to 911, or a complete shutdown of a facility.

Track Lone Workers Everywhere

Edgefinity IoT is a complete RFID control software solutions perfect for manufacturers, or any operation looking to get a better handle on their supply chain and inventory. Implement an advanced RFID inventory management system without any programming. Hardware and software installation takes weeks, not months to successfully install.

Edgefinity IoT is a lone worker tracking system on your mobile device.

A Complete Lone Worker Tracking System

Right out of the box, Edgefinity IoT comes with powerful, customizable triggers. These triggers allow build a safety and security system to your exact specifications, such as how often lone workers must check in.

The Edgefinity IoT interface allows you to monitor lone worker safety in real time.

Lone Worker Alerts

Edgefinity IoT offers built-in lone worker alarms and man-down alerts to ensure workers following safety protocols. Edgefinity IoT can detect something as simple as a worker dozing off, or complex as a lone worker trapped somewhere.

Report History

Generate automatic history reports so safety personnel can analyze site weaknesses. Track past movements and activities of personnel, verify remote worker check-ins and check-outs, and even create Edgefinity IoT rules based on your system’s data.

Incident Commander Dashboard

A dedicated incident commander dashboard is built right into the interface. Incident commanders see where their teams and personnel inside and outside, instead of relying on conventional methods of pen, paper, and a roll call.

Status Updates & Details

Receive immediate alerts on all personnel in crisis. With Edgefinity IoT you can see critical information such as ambient temperature, and time since last movement.

Top New Advances in Lone Worker Safety

Lone workers perform activities in isolation from others, without close supervision. Often deployed in remote locations, and in hazardous environments, lone workers are further exposed to risk being on their own. Watch this webinar to learn how Edgefinity IoT can mitigate many of these risks.

Real-Time Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Edgefinity IoT’s lone worker safety monitoring capabilities was developed utilizing the latest in RFID and real-time tracking technology. Here are some of the RFID/RTLS solutions we offer:

  • Prevent falls from becoming fatal accidents.
  • Enforce minimum staffing requirements.
  • Create customized lone worker alarms.
  • Ensure mustering and evacuation procedures.
  • Track and monitor lone workers in real time.
  • Receive immediate man down alerts.
  • Send panic alarms to incident commanders VIA text.

Contact us to see how our applications can streamline your daily operations.

Real-Time Lone Worker Safety Solutions

CYBRA’s RFID and RTLS technology combine to offer organizations the ability significantly improve their lone worker tracking and protection efforts. Contact us to see how our applications can streamline your daily operations.