RFID Software for Airports & Airlines

Improve customers service and employee efficiency while optimizing operational functionality with Edgefinity IoT RFID software solutions.

Asset Tracking and Personnel Monitoring for Airports and Airlines

Airports and airlines connect people across the globe. Keep air travel operations moving quickly and efficiently with Edgefinity IoT – this state of the art system, built on RFID and RTLS technology, can help air travel organizations get a real-time look at operations.

Edgefinity IoT gives you an unmitigated view of an entire airport terminal or gate in real time. And, when necessary, the system can scale up to a few feet when you need to find an asset, item, or individual. With Edgefinity IoT you can speed up operations and make your facilities safer and more efficient.

Airline and airport tracking solutions powered by Edgefinity IoT.

Asset Tracking

Track ground support equipment, tools, baggage loaders, and other high value assets.

Personnel Monitoring

Monitor the location and safety status of workers across large areas in real time.

Edgefinity IoT real-time personnel and asset tracking for airports and airlines.

Real-Time Tracking

Within Edgefinity IoT, you can add all the assets, goods and devices you want to track. Once loaded into Edgefinity, you can track and search for items, and find their exact locations on your facility’s maps.

Total Customization

Edgefinity IoT helps you deploy a functional tracking system that is customized to your facility and operation. Add floor maps, equipment, sensors, people, and complex schematics without any heavy lifting or custom coding.

Immediate Notifications

No matter where you are, or where an incident occurs, Edgefinity IoT can send instant alerts if appropriate. Managers have full visibility, as if they are on site.

RFID Software Solutions for Airports and Airlines

CYBRA’s RFID and RTLS technology combine to offer organizations the ability to track and locate people and assets in real time. Contact us to see how our applications can streamline your air travel operations

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