Version 2.5 Aug 1996

  • Multilingual interface and character set support
  • Enhanced connectivity support for radio frequency (RF) networks
  • “Quick Edit” heads down design for advanced users.
  • Added support for printers connected via Teklogix RF networks.
  • Added support for UPS modified mod 10 check digit
  • Improved installation process by using LODRUN command
  • Added native object-level support for RISC based, PowerPC AS/400
  • Added improved in-context help for panels and commands.
  • Added a new fully working sample program for COBOL programmers.
  • Added support for graphics in DataMax printers using PCX graphics format.
  • In Design View field copy and group copy, display horizontal and vertical copy offsets, allowing user to override the values.
  • Added support for Intermec outline font, other additional fonts, and Intermec heat sensitivity..
  • Added User Defined Entries support to Device Table

Version 2.3 Jan 1996

  • Intermec 3400, 4400 printer support.
  • TEC 472, 572, 672 printer support.
  • MarkMagic Print Label File command has been enhanced to support printing directly from a data structure, naming of spool files, label quantity, format preloading, and print speed selection.
  • ANZPRT and ANZPRTX tools to format print spool data for troubleshooting.

Version 2.2 May 1995

  • DataMax printer support.
  • Hewlett-Packard PCL5 printer support.
  • Multiple logical labels across and down a physical form.
  • Copies; Save spooled file; Hold spooled file; Heat setting.
  • Printing to an Output Queue.
  • Menu option to access REACH/400 for online technical support and transmission of formats and graphics.
  • Context sensitive help for all commands using panel group UIM help

Version 2.1 Oct 1994

  • Zebra printer support.
  • SATO 8400 printer support.
  • IMAGE Bar Code Module controller for HP LaserJet II laser and Epson/IBM ProPrinter dot matrix printer support.
  • UCC-128 bar code type.
  • Edit Group action.
  • Increased maximum number of variable fields in a format from 100 to 500.
  • Key fields capability for data selection, extraction and sorting.
  • User Libraries.
  • Align to Column and Align to Row.
  • RF Network printing support.
  • Ability to add, edit, delete Data fields from Design Screen.
  • UCC 128 Text Edit Code.
  • Support for Monarch 9446 soft “ROM” fonts.
  • Unit of Measure conversion.

Version 2.0 Mar 1993

  • Design View visual interface for designing labels.
  • Menu bars, drop-down menus and dialogue windows.
  • Infinite undo.
  • Group copy, move and delete.
  • Zoom in/out.
  • User selectable field attributes and colors.
  • Quantity Reference field.
  • Pass data without label file.

Version 1.3 Jan 1992

  • Monarch 5070 printer support.
  • Monarch 5180 printer support.
  • Monarch 5170 printer support.
  • Copy formats across printer types.
  • Pop-up selection windows.
  • Menu selections to display and change spooled files, spool writers, and printer device status.
  • Graphics import and export utilities.
  • F9 (Command line) added to menus, and panels.

Version 1.2 Jan 1991

  • Monarch 9445 printer support.
  • Monarch 9401 printer support.
  • Data base field selection.
  • Pre-loaded graphics.
  • Load production data while creating label file.
  • Label, field, character, line rotation.
  • Translate unprintable characters.
  • Sample coding examples.
  • IMPLBLFMT (Import Label Format) and EXPLBLFMT (Export label format) commands.

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