MarkMagic Enterprise

MarkMagic Enterprise is barcode labels, electronic forms, and report writing software for IBM Power Systems i (AS/400) users.

MarkMagic Enterprise

MarkMagic for IBM Power Systems i Users

MarkMagic Enterprise is really MarkMagic in its purest form. The latest version of MarkMagic is available for all operating systems. But originally, MarkMagic was created specifically for users of the IBM AS/400 system.

MarkMagic Enterprise is a total document development solution with features and capabilities not found in any other product on the market. MarkMagic replaces multiple software packages with one cost-effective, integrated offering to help you add bar code, forms, reports, and RFID technology without programming.

Full Barcode Support

QR barcode support is part of the extensive list of barcode types that MarkMagic already offers. With MarkMagic you can add any barcode to any label or form and integrate marketing and promotion programs with logistics documents.

Add UPS MaxiCode 2D barcodes to forms and labels with the MarkMagic 2D Barcode Add-On

UPS MaxiCode

Data Matrix

Add QR codes to forms and labels with the MarkMagic 2D Barcode Add-On

QR Codes

Aztec Code

Your Choice of 5250 Interfacese

Who said the beloved 5250 screen has to be boring? For the artist in you, the MarkMagic’s unique native System i Visual Designer gives you WYSIWYG-like design capability without a PC. For power users, we provide a spreadsheet-like interface in native System i. Imagine being able to change the font type (or any other field setting) of every text field in a format in just 2 keystrokes.

MarkMagic Enterprise - barcode label design and printing solutions for the IBM Power Systems i (AS400).

Power to the Non-Programmer

MarkMagic Enterprise combines true report writing, WYSIWYG label and forms design, and an enterprise-class print  processing engine in one integrated product that lets you create sophisticated print jobs without programming.

One Powerful Package
With MarkMagic there’s no need for separate bar code label, forms, PDF, and report writing software packages, and no need for custom programming.
Rev Up Testing and Production
MarkMagic is designed for real-world IT requirements for testing and production. You do not need a separate system to develop and test. Run multiple versions of MarkMagic on the same system at the same time.
Customized to Fit Your Needs
You can seamlessly mix and match printer types to meet your business requirements. MarkMagic lets you print logos and graphics effortlessly.

Pure MarkMagic. Pure Power.

This tutorial introduces you to the basic concepts of MarkMagic Enterprise. This will be a combined tutorial showing you the methods used in both MarkMagic and JMagic to accomplish the same task.

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