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Label Applicator

What is a Label Applicator?

A label applicator is a device that applies labels to products, pallets, or other items. Label applicators can print barcodes or encoded RFID tags before applying labels onto inventory.

There are two types of label applicators – manual and automatic. A manual applicator is used manually, while an automatic applicator applies labels using pressure. Both types are used in the same manner in offices and other workplaces. These machines are also known as thermal printers, but they are not as efficient as automatic ones. However, a manual applicator is usually cheaper than an automated one.

A label applicator has various features and capabilities, including a motorized winder, mechanical unwinder, and a high-speed label applicator. Each type can be customized to meet specific requirements. For instance, a motorized winder can make HERMA 500’s performance 200 meters per minute, and a manually operated unwinder can handle up to 2000 adhesive labels per minute.

Standalone label applicators are a common type of label applicator. A standalone label applicator is an assembly that fits into a product handling system, while a portable head mount can be mounted on another machine or conveyor. Pressurized labeling uses a pressure-sensitive application system that applies the labels as the product passes by the dispense edge of the device. Wipe-on labels are typically applied with a roller or brush, so they are ideal for fast production. The ALritma X is one example of an automatic labeling applicator.

Industrial label applicators are designed to apply labels in the most efficient way possible. They account for a product’s surface and the material used to make the label. A label applicator needs to be compatible with the products being labeled. It must also meet the production rate requirements, accuracy tolerances, and location of the label. You should consider these factors when shopping for a label applicator.

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