The Four Biggest Safety Risks Facing Lone Workers

Written by one of the most knowledgeable minds in the entire safety industry, this is ebook highlights the most common dangers lone workers face today – and how to reduce these risks.

Reducing Lone Worker Safety Risks

There are numerous safety risks facing lone workers. How do you keep your lone workers safe? The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that approximately 1.3 billion people “mobile workers,” or those who work alone continuously or at various times throughout their workday.“mobile workers,” or those who work alone continuously or at various times throughout their workday. And Berg Insight reported there to be 53 million lone workers in the US, Canada, and Europe combined. These are staggering numbers when considering the logistics of tracking employee safety, location, and status. And, the proliferation of lone workers has steadily increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hazards facing your workers become exponentially more dangerous when they are on their own. health emergencies and falls, for example, can turn into fatalities. A dangerous fall is the most common type of hazard facing most workers in industrial environments. There were over 7,500 fall related OSHA violations in 2017 alone. By far the most cited safety violation.

Why are lone workers more at risk to suffer fatal injuries? Because lone workers are, well, alone. “Organizations need to understand that special protocols must be in place to make sure lone workers are being looked after”, says Ben Jakubovic, CPP, PSP, CYBRA’s Safety and Security Solutions Architect.

In this ebook, one of the most experience safety professionals in the industry highlights the biggest safety risks facing lone workers today, and how to mitigate these dangers.

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