MarkMagic Design Features

Design Features


Java 32-bit WYSIWYG Client

MarkMagic includes the JMagic Client that lets you design bar code labels and forms on any PC with a connection to an iSeries, even over the
Internet. JMagic features drag and drop field placement, print preview with live DB2/400 data, and other powerful, exclusive features that let you design and print formats with a point and click of a mouse.

Map All File Fields With One Mouse Click

Redesigning an existing form in JMagic is as easy as clicking one button, and all fields are mapped. Selecting a data source is just as easy in the native iSeries interfaces. By pressing one function key, every field in a database file can be imported into a label format.

Trace Scanned Format "Template"

If you are beginning a compliance program with a new trading partner you can scan a sample label with a flatbed scanner, import the scanned format into JMagic, and trace each line, text, and bar code field to quickly and accurately create a new MarkMagic format. You'll know exactly where to place fields on the label.

Native 5250 Visual Designer

When no PC is available, you can use the MarkMagic Visual Designer interface to design formats by moving the cursor along Row and Column coordinates in a near-WYSIWYG visual interface. Visual Designer interface turns the screen of any iSeries terminal into a design canvas. Using the cursor to locate positions on the format, and function keys (or action bar selections); operations are performed to create, move, duplicate, delete, and change the format fields.

Native 5250 Quick Edit Spreadsheet

Quick Edit gives you the ability to rapidly modify field coordinates and values as easily as changing the cells in a PC spreadsheet. - but without the need for a PC. The MarkMagic Quick Edit interface allows "heads down" changes, adds, deletes and copies of format fields. Quick Edit also includes a full screen feature for advanced users.

Native 5250 Character Based

You way wish to do your initial design work in JMagic or Visual Designer and then toggle into "precision mode" - List View or Quick Edit for fast modifications of field coordinates and values. MarkMagic List View gives you the ability to create, and modify fields using OS/400 standard menus and lists. List View also includes a full screen feature for advanced users.

Point and Shoot Field Selection

Using the OS/400 standard F4 (Prompt) key to select a database field definition is the easiest and fastest way to define variable fields. No need to search through data base printouts or documentation to find the fields you need. Any database field on an iSeries system can be defined in a MarkMagic format, and printed with MarkMagic, regardless of what application created the database records.

Unlimited Field Linking

MarkMagic reduces format design time with its unique linking feature. Linked fields can be composed of portions of different fields and can merge information from multiple bar code, data, or text fields. Linked Fields let you:

  • print variable data repeated in multiple fields
  • edit variable data for improved readability
  • add a text field (edited) to provide human readable information for any bar code field
  • create edited bar code and text fields from portions of fields
  • combine dozens of fields for large 2D bar code fields.