MarkMagic Add-On: PrintTransformer


PrintTransformer adds dynamic formatting to MarkMagic. Define conditional behavior at the field level. Text, Bar Code, Line, Box, Graphic, Text Block and even RFID field attributes can print conditionally based on variable data or job attributes.

Take Control of Your Document Management

The MarkMagic PrintTransformer add-on lets you take control of your document management with minimum effort. At print time, PrintTransformer automatically processes rules and conditions, changes printing instructions, bursts print files to print each page or record with its own set of instructions and changes field attributes based on field data.

Change Barcodes and Make Text Fields Disappear From One Label to the Next!

With just a few simple rules you can completely transform your forms on a page by page basis. Dynamic form editing made easy. PrintTransformer adds a whole new capability that you never had before – the power to develop sophisticated, dynamically formatted print jobs without writing a line of code.

Deploy Dynamic Information and Printing Capabilities

Dynamically change fields based on label or document information, such as a customer balance greater than zero, and you wish to print a reminder message, or to automatically print a holiday message on a certain set of days.

Burst print jobs and use a different format for subsequent pages of a document. Print header information on one page, and subsequent pages are all detail.

Combine Rules and Conditions

Rules and conditions can be easily combined and multiple rules and conditions can be created to select printer, change multiple field attributes, or modify other instructions all in the same print job.

Add Variable Graphics

Dynamic logos and other graphics can be displayed or suppressed based on Company, Customer, or SKU. Perfect for generating legal documents for multiple entities. Change Field Color based on data in any field in real time.


Change Barcode Types and Character Sets

Use PrintTransformer’s rules and conditions to change barcode type based on carrier or customer on a record by record basis.

Change character sets, for example, by testing for country and printing country-specific labels or forms with correct currency symbol and formatting.

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There is no limit to the ways PrintTransformer can simplify your document management, saving time and money. An incredible value, PrintTransformer gives you conditional printing for a fraction of what the competition charges for their forms solutions.