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Award-winning MarkMagic is the Bar Code Label, RFID Tag, Forms, and Report Writing solution that's fast, versatile and powerful. And with all that power, it's still amazingly easy to learn and use.
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Need to print bar code compliance labels, plain paper laser forms or RFID smart labels? Here's how to make quick work of it!

  • Integrates easily with your system. Get up and running in minutes!
  • No custom programming needed for professional results.

Find out why end users, leading ISV's, and industry analysts all agree -
MarkMagic is the most cost effective solution to all your printing problems.

MarkMagic Specifications

  • Report Writing
  • General Features
  • Printing Features
  • Design Features
  • Integration Features

MarkMagic Editions

MarkMagic 8

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Try the all new MarkMagic 8

All new MarkMagicTM 8 is more than a collection of updates. New MarkMagic 8 features breakthrough capabilities that give you more forms and report writing power, more flexibility to automate your document processing, more performance enhancements to reduce processing time, and more interface refinements to make designing bar code labels, RFID tags, forms and reports easier than ever before.

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MarkMagic 7

Try the all new

Try the all new MarkMagic 7 Enterprise Edition

Award-winning MarkMagicTM 7 is the easiest and fastest way to design and print the bar code labels, electronic forms, ad hoc reports, and RFID tags you need to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

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MarkMagic 7

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MarkMagic Labels Edition

Do you need to create bar code labels, care labels, and garment hang tags? Take advantage of MarkMagic support for more than 400 different printer types including most thermal tabletop and portable printers, HP PCL5 and IBM AFP/IPDS laser printers, and specialty printers such as plastic ID card and care label printers, with MarkMagic Labels Edition.

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MarkMagic 7

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MarkMagic Forms Edition

MarkMagic Forms Edition gives you the ability to transform series spooled files into sophisticated electronic forms. You can add barcodes, reformat and edit spooled file data with no program modifications whatsoever. You need only one easy to use product for designing laser forms, barcode compliance labels, garment tags, tickets, and plastic ID cards

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Only MarkMagic gives you all these features in
one easy-to-use package:

  • Only MarkMagic supports more than 450 bar code label, forms, and RFID tag printer types.
  • Unparalleled printing performance.
  • Take control of paper handling, cutting, stacking, and other print options.
  • Fast, versatile design features let you create labels, forms and tags and easily merge information from your databases.
  • MarkMagic combines power and speed. Cut format design time with exclusive field linking. Instantly merge information from multiple bar code, data or text fields. Edit variable data for improved readability.
  • Effortless application integration. Easily add bar code, RFID tag, and forms printing functions in a fraction of the time required for other solutions.
  • Designed for real-world IT requirements for testing and production. No separate system required for development.
  • Run multiple versions of MarkMagic on the same system at the same time. Mix and match printer types to meet your printing requirements.

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