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Looking to print bar code labels? Looking to scan bar code labels or tags? CYBRA has almost 20 years of experience helping thousands of customers print and read bar codes. We are experts in bar code technology and can supply everything you need from software to hardware and supplies. See how bar code can help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service with an investment that will pay for itself within months.

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CYBRA Bar Code Solutions are available for the following industries:

Benefits of CYBRA Bar Code Solutions

CYBRA bar code systems provide incredible benefits for just about any business. Here's what you get: faster and more accurate data collection, lower costs, reduced mistakes, and important business processes like managing inventory are much easier.

Faster, More Reliable Data CollectionBracode Scanner

A handheld bar code scanner can scan data five to seven times as fast as your best typist. A fixed bar code scanner can read data faster than the eye can see. Have a fast production line? Only bar code technology can keep up with the fastest material handling equipment. Your fine clerks pounding away at keyboards create an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. A bar code scanner might have an error rate of about one in three million. In other words, bar code technology is 10,000 times more accurate than your best employee!

Reduced Costs

Reduced Labor: The most obvious benefit of bar code systems is reduced labor. Often, labor savings alone can pay for the bar code hardware, software, and supplies. Even though labor savings is the most apparent benefit, CYBRA bar code solutions offer greater savings from other areas. Reduced Costs of Data Collection Errors:

The cost of fixing errors often surpasses the labor savings! How much management time does it now take you to fix an error? If you did the math, you would be shocked at the cost. Add up the errors, and it doesn't take long to impact the bottom line.

Reduced Safety Levels of Inventory: How much extra product do you stock, just to be sure you can ship what your system says you have? Is it 10%? Is it 20%? By getting a better handle on inventory you can save significant amounts of money when you manufacture (or purchase) what you really need -- as opposed to what you think you need.

Better Business Decisions

Improved Insight:CYBRA Bar Code solutions can give you information that was not possible before. By automating data collection and aggregating the views you can spot trends and make better decisions in production, logistics, and other departments. Improved Customer Service:Our Bar Code solutions will improve your ability to respond to customer requests. New features and functions: You'll gain high flexibility in data analysis and reporting in a multi-user system accessible by authorized users even outside of the office. Improved Response By adding bar code data collection, end users (and customers) will benefit from much improved and accurate responses to queries. Ease of use Your operators already know how to use CYBRA Bar Code systems -- they use industry standard hardware and software design assuring minimum disruption to existing operations. Ease of support: Software components can easily be updated by CYBRA personnel for changing requirements. Ease of expansion It's easy to add additional bar code hardware -- our advanced solution architecture allows for as many reading stations as you need.