Asset Tracking in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A real-time automated RFID system can protect, track and manage all types of medical equipment including hospital beds, EKG machines, mobile computer workstations, and medication carts.

Tracking Assets and Medical Equipment in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities with Edgefinity IoT

Today, hospitals and healthcare facilities rely heavily on modern equipment to serve their patients. And, typically, these medical devices are expensive. Yet, for many facilities, their valuable equipment far too often goes missing. According to Modern Healthcare, medical supplies and equipment account for $93 billion each year. Proper asset tracking in hospitals and healthcare facilities is a vital component of managing these costs. Ongoing issues such as equipment hoarding, device mismanagement, theft, and misplacement can be very difficult to prevent without more enhanced asset tracking capabilities.

A real-time automated RFID system can protect, track and manage all types of medical devices, assets, and equipment. RFID systems offer a compelling solution to prevent theft of hospital inventory and equipment in use to ensure proper usage and storage. Download this industry brief today to learn how an RFID tracking system can improve your facility’s medical equipment management.

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