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Label Printing ➝

Modernized label printing tools to help your operations keep up with ever changing demands and regulations – all in one powerful software package.

Asset Tracking ➝

Asset tracking software for monitoring equipment and assets. Optimize usage, locate tools faster, and improve efficiency with our RFID applications.

MarkMagic ➝

Relied on by thousands of customers worldwide, MarkMagic solves barcoding, labeling and forms design and printing challenges. Modernize the way you manage and print your documents with MarkMagic.​ Design and print your forms, labels, barcodes, and RFID tags from one powerful software package.

Why MarkMagic?

MarkMagic is the chosen enterprise barcode label and form printing engine for major WMS products, ERP systems, 3PLs, and teams around the world.

EdgeMicro ➝

A simple RFID starter solution that solves common issues in logistical and inventory management. Ideal for lower scale needs, smaller environments, or proof of concept RFID projects. Deploy RFID into your supply chain without big investments or customizations.

RFID Starter Solution

EdgeMicro is easy to use, easy to implement, and brings immediate results to your operation without heavy investments in time, effor, and capital.

Edgefinity IoT ➝

Edgefinity IoT is an RFID software application built for organizations looking to gain visibility across large industrial environments. Whether you need to track large amounts of inventory, locate misplaced equipment, or ensure the safety of your employees, Edgefinity IoT lets you quickly deploy advanced, industrial strength tracking capabilities.

Enterprise RFID

Edgefinity IoT is an application that combines RFID with tracking technology and gives users the ability to track assets, locate inventory, and monitor employees.

Hardware ➝

For the warehouse, retail floor, in transit, and beyond - We offer the latest hardware products that work with our software applications from brands such as Alien, Brother, Zebra, Bixolon, SATO, Xerafy, and many others.

RFID Tunnel

CYBRA’s RFID tunnel is a 99.99% accurate carton validation solution for conveyor belts. Built for distributors looking to improve shipping accuracy.

[2024 RFID Integration Guide]

Have you been handed an RFID tag mandate from one of your retail partners? This ebook is a complete guide that will help manufacturers, and distributors reap great benefits from deploying RFID into your operations.


CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and enterprise barcode label software solutions.

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Real Time Asset Tracking

Real time asset tracking software for monitoring equipment and assets. Optimize equipment usage, locate assets faster, and improve supply chain efficiency with Edgefinity IoT.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Optimize equipment usage, locate assets faster, and improve supply chain efficiency with Edgefinity IoT.


Real time asset tracking software from CYBRA

Overview: Locate and Track Assets in Real Time

Edgefinity IoT is real time asset tracking software. It is a complete RFID control software solution built for manufacturers, or any operation looking to get a better handle on their supply chain and inventory. Implement an advanced RFID asset tracking system without any programming. Hardware and software installation takes weeks, not months to successfully install.

Software Capabilities

CYBRA’s Edgefinity IoT provides users with all the tools to deploy a real time asset tracking system withing their supply chain and operations. With Edgefinity IoT, you can get a live look at your entire facility. But, you can even go so granular that you can find the location of one single item – in real time. Edgefinity IoT is a new kind of RTLS built to help organizations streamline complicated processes. Receive immediate alerts if items are missing or mishandled based on rules you created. Edgefinity IoT gives you complete control over your facilities no matter your location.

Edgefinity IoT lets you create complex rules to develop a highly customized real time tracking system.
Keep Assets Organized

Keep Assets Organized

At the heart of Edgefinity IoT is its rules engine. Edgefinity IoT lets you create complex rules to develop a highly customized real time tracking system. With no programming at all, end users can can create logical rules that can maintain when items get checked in/out, where items go, who uses equipment, and their current status.

Real Time Inventory Tracking

Real Time Inventory Tracking

With Edgefinity IoT, you can achieve complete visualization of your facilities and inventory environments. Add floor maps of the facilities where your inventory is, so you can track your goods in real time. You can add as many facilities or floors as necessary.

Edgefinity IoT can render any file type, and can automatically scale your maps with pinpoint accuracy. Once your maps are uploaded into Edgefinity IoT, users can display the locations in real time from any device.

Search for Assets in Real Time

Search for Assets in Real Time

Within Edgefinity IoT, you can add all the assets, goods and devices you want to track. No computer programming is required. Once loaded into Edgefinity, you can track and search for items, and find their exact locations on your facility’s maps. Any item that is tagged with RFID can be tracked in real time by Edgefinity IoT. You can use Edgefinity’s convenient search function to browse locations, or asset groups.

Use Cases

Built on CYBRA’s expert RFID system technology, Edgefinity IoT baseline alerts were developed utilizing the latest in RFID and RTLS (Real Time Tracking Systems) capabilities. Here are some of the real time asset tracking use cases we can offer:


  • Tracking and tracing WIP (Work in Process) goods.
  • Preventing items from unauthorized usage.
  • Ensuring vital equipment is not taken off premises.
  • Keep track of reusable bins and equipment.
  • Auditing outbound shipments to reduce chargebacks.
  • Check where items are stored for quick finding.

How Thermo Fisher Relies on CYBRA’s Real Time Asset Tracking Capabilities to Keep Blood Cold

With a highly regulated globalized supply chain, Thermo Fisher requires the utmost levels of accuracy and compliance. At the state-of-the-art facilities in Grand Island, NY, the Thermo Fisher team focuses on cell growth and function which are vital for the creation of Thermo Fisher’s fetal bovine and other animal serum …

Solutions by Industry

Real-time asset tracking has a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some common use cases:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Real-time tracking of shipments, containers, and vehicles to optimize routes, monitor delivery times, and ensure timely and efficient distribution.
  • Manufacturing and Production: Tracking and monitoring the movement of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods within a manufacturing facility to improve production efficiency and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Retail and Inventory Management: Monitoring the location and status of products in real-time to optimize inventory levels, prevent stockouts, reduce overstocking, and enhance overall supply chain visibility.
  • Healthcare and Medical Facilities: Tracking medical equipment, devices, and even patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities to improve asset utilization, enhance patient safety, and streamline workflows.
  • Fleet Management: Real-time monitoring of vehicles, including their location, speed, and fuel consumption, to improve route planning, driver safety, and overall fleet efficiency.
  • Construction and Heavy Equipment: Tracking and managing the location and usage of construction equipment, tools, and materials to prevent theft, optimize resource allocation, and ensure equipment maintenance.
  • Agriculture and Farming: Monitoring the location and condition of agricultural equipment, vehicles, and livestock to optimize operations, prevent theft, and enhance overall farm productivity.
  • Energy and Utilities: Tracking the location and condition of critical infrastructure components, such as transformers and pipelines, to enhance maintenance scheduling, improve safety, and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: Monitoring the location, condition, and maintenance status of aircraft and related equipment to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance operational safety.
  • Education: Tracking valuable assets in educational institutions, such as laptops, projectors, and tablets, to prevent loss or theft and optimize resource allocation.
  • Event Management: Tracking equipment and assets used in events, such as audiovisual equipment, furniture, and signage, to ensure efficient setup, breakdown, and inventory management.
  • Government and Public Sector: Tracking government vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure to improve asset utilization, manage maintenance schedules, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Waste Management: Monitoring the location and capacity of waste bins and containers to optimize collection routes, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Rental and Leasing Services: Tracking the location and condition of rented or leased assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and tools, to prevent loss, optimize rental schedules, and ensure timely maintenance.

Real Time Asset Tracking Benefits

By utilizing cutting-edge tracking systems and connected devices, real-time asset tracking provides instant, up-to-date information on the location, status, and condition of valuable assets. With real-time asset tracking, businesses can gain unprecedented visibility and control over their assets, empowering them to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and ensure seamless operations in today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment.

Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy

Reduce cycle count time by as much as 90%. Count as often as needed. Edgefinity IoT increases inventory accuracy – critical for omni-channel operations.

Chargeback Reduction

Chargeback Reduction

Match every carton to orders for content and quantity with over 99% accuracy. The reduction in chargebacks alone will pay for the system many times over.

Reduce Cycle Count Time

Reduce Cycle Count Time

Cut cycle count time by as much as 90%. Count as often as necessary. This frees up your sales team so associates can stay on the selling floor.

Reduce Missing Items

Reduce Missing Items

Cut down on missing items in and around your warehouse. No more lost assets due to mishandling or misplaement. Send alerts so you know when to replenish assets

Real-Time Auditing

Real Time Auditing

Read every single item in every single carton received, and validate every single item in every single outbound carton packed. Nothing gets past Edgefinity IoT.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Edgefinity IoT can track asset lifecycle information such as usage time, maintenance history, put-away status, and can send unauthorized handling alerts.

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