Detailed Specifications

MarkMagic includes the features you need to meet your compliance marking and application integration requirements.

MarkMagic Output Types

MarkMagic is a proven tool for the tough jobs of production volume label, form, and RFID tag printing. You can produce any type of business document required directly from your IBM Power System including:

  • 1D and 2D Bar Code Labels
    • UPC Labels
    • UCC-128 compliance labels
    • UPS shipping labels
    • OSHA Hazmat labels
  • 1D and 2D Bar Code Tags and Tickets
    • Garment hang tags
    • Passenger tickets
    • Shop floor work orders
  • RFID Smart Labels
    • RFID Carton labels
    • RFID Pallet labels
    • RFID patient and theme park wristbands
  • Plain Paper Laser and MICR Forms
    • Checks
    • Invoices
    • Statements
    • Bill of Lading forms
  • Plastic Cards with Magnetic Stripes
    • Employee ID Cards
    • Club Membership Cards
    • Casino Player Cards
  • Fabric Care Labels
  • Gift and Note Cards

Standard 1D Bar Code Types

MarkMagic includes support for most of the 1D bar codes in use today.

  • AIAG
  • Codabar (NW7)
  • Code 11
  • Code 128 Subset A
  • Code 128 Subset B
  • Code 128 Subset C
  • Code 39, Code 39 (full ASCII)
  • Code 93, Extended 93
  • EAN Extension
  • EAN-13, EAN-13 + 2, EAN-13 + 5
  • EAN-8, EAN-8 + 2, EAN-8 + 5
  • Extended 3 of 9
  • FIM
  • German Postcode
  • HIBC
  • Industrial 2 of 5
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Interleaved 2/5 with Barrier
  • JAN-13, JAN-13 + 2, JAN-13 + 5
  • JAN-8, JAN-8 + 2, JAN-8 + 5
  • MSI
  • Plessey
  • Postnet
  • RSS
  • Standard 2 of 5
  • Telepen, Telepen numeric
  • UCC 128, UCC/EAN
  • UPC-A, UPC-A + 2, UPC-A + 5
  • UPC-E, UPC-E + 2, UPC-E + 5
  • 2D Bar Code Thermal Support


MarkMagic includes thermal printer support for the following 2D bar codes:

  • Code 16K
  • Code 49
  • Data Matrix
  • MaxiCode (UPS)
  • PDF 417

2D Bar Code Laser Support

This optional feature lets you combine UPS or FedEx shipping labels with pick tickets on the same document – great for direct mailers, catalog merchants, and e-commerce web sites.
MarkMagic includes laser printer support for the following 2D bar codes:

  • Data Matrix
  • MaxiCode (UPS)
  • PDF 417

Universal Graphics

Since MarkMagic supports more than 400 device types, a graphic field defined for a specific printer’s graphic description language may not print on another printer, until now. You can mix and match printer types to meet your product requirements without maintaining libraries of graphics for different printers. MarkMagic lets you load graphics in industry standard GIF or JPEG format and converts them to the target graphic type automatically, without the need for pre-converting graphics for specific bar code printer types.

Variable Graphics

In this new feature, static and variable graphics can be accessed by a variable number, or an alphanumeric look up field. This is ideal for an apparel / footwear company or any consumer goods manufacturer who wishes to automatically print a graphic associated with an SKU or style.

Run Multiple Versions of the Software

MarkMagic is designed for real-world IT requirements for testing and production. You do not need a separate system to develop and test, MarkMagic versions can run in parallel on the same system. MarkMagic provides the ability to run multiple versions of MarkMagic on the same system at the same time.

User Libraries

The MarkMagic User Libraries feature lets users organize labels and forms by department, customer or application. If you have multiple groups of users responsible for different applications, it is advantageous to organize formats, jobs, label files, and graphic images by User Library for the following reasons:

  • It will be easier for multiple MarkMagic users to find and work with the formats they are responsible for maintaining.
  • Security is improved by the ability to grant different authorities to different User libraries.
  • Customers supporting multiple sites (and software vendors supporting their customers) can distribute User libraries of customized objects without needing to redistribute the entire MarkMagic product library.
  • Application Software Vendor customers can modify labels without damaging the software vendor’s base libraries.

Copy Formats Between Printer Types

Most companies have a mixture of different printers. It makes good business sense to match the right printer with the job. No matter what printers you use in your operation, you design a format just once. No need to design a label from scratch for each different printer you use. After designing a label or form for one of the 400 supported printer types, you can copy the format to any other printer type.

Emulated Printer Types

With a mixture of different printers, it can be difficult to keep track of which model is at which location. With this feature, there’s no need to program for different models. This keeps your programming for printing simple as can be. After designing a label or form for one printer model, you can print the format to any of the same manufacturer’s printer models.

Wireless Network Support

In addition to supporting any device connection native to the iSeries, MarkMagic includes support for 802.11 WiFi standard wireless systems and proprietary spread spectrum and narrow band Radio Frequency Data Collection Systems from LXE, Symbol, and Teklogix. So, no matter what wireless system you are using in your warehouse, you can use MarkMagic to print bar code labels and tags at the point of application.

Multinational Support

MarkMagic has three multilingual capabilities – user interface, message members, and character sets. The preferred interface language can be selected on a system-wide basis, on a user basis, or each time MarkMagic is started. Each user on the system can work in their language of preference. MarkMagic also lets you retrieve values for constant fields from message members. MarkMagic gives you all the flexibility multinational corporations need. Use message members if you need to support multiple languages – in a single label run! Ship to Mexico, Canada and Europe without changing labels. In addition, printed characters needn’t be in the same language as the interface language of MarkMagic – you can work in English, or French, yet print in any of these supported character sets:

  • U.S. English
  • U.K. English
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


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