MarkMagic PrintTransformer Tutorial »

Tutorial #1 MarkMagic PrintTransformer Tutorial in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This tutorial introduces you to the advanced capabilities of the MarkMagic Print Transformer Add On Option. This will be a combined tutorial showing you the methods used in both MarkMagic and JMagic to accomplish the same task.
In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to use PrintTransformer to control the output of your print jobs and the look of your formats.
  • How to create Conditions directly on a format to change the look and feel of the fields on the format.
  • How to define tests and actions in a condition to get the desired results.
  • What a Rule Set is and how to define a new RuleSet.
  • What “bursting” is and why you would want to use it in a Rule Set.
  • What are Rules and Options.
  • How to setup Tests that will analyze environment variables and live format data.
  • How to define Actions that will change any number of print output parameters.
  • How to “attach” a Rule set to a print job or print command call.