Amplify MarkMagic With Add-Ons

Creating your business critical documents gets even easier with MarkMagic Add-Ons. MarkMagic’s product enhancing Add-Ons are available on the IBM Power Systems i, as well as Linux, Unix, AIX, and Windows.

MarkMagic Add-Ons


An online portal for your customers.


Conditional Printing – IF’s, AND’s, and no Buts.

2D Laser Barcode

Easily Print QR Codes and Other 2D Barcodes


No source code? No problem.

RFID Quick Comply

Get RFID compliant quickly & easily.


No time to program documents? No problem.

Green Ship Solutions

Barcode printing that’s eco-friendly & economical.


Fax, Email or PDF Your MarkMagic Docs