See how RFID & barcode technology can work in your industry.

Luxury Goods

Luxury goods and CYBRA technology is a perfect marriage. CYBRA can help improve loss prevention and increase your ability to track luxury items.


You need your garments to include brand information and sizing specs. That’s a lot to put on a tag. Why not use CYBRA’s simpler RFID technology.


You’re shipping thousands of parcels everyday. And you don’t want to lose one. CYBRA can help track your products with no additional labor.


You know loss prevention is serious. Retail operations lose billions each year. Decrease your product losses by using CYBRA’s tracking software.

Health Care

Seconds matter in emergencies. Give your hospital staff a better handle on hospital inventory and equipment location by using CYBRA’s RFID tag solution.


Improve manufacturing efficiency by getting real time information of your products. Know exactly where items are and their status with complete accuracy.

Consumer Goods

Avoid packaging errors, shipping chargebacks, and customer complaints. Use CYBRA’s tracking software to ensure your goods are packaged and shipped correctly.

Food Processing

Getting your goods to the customer’s table quickly is vital. CYBRA’s software can improve your supply chain so you can offer customers the freshest goods.


Your guests want peace and quiet. And your staff deserves to work in a secure environment. Get peace of mind from CYBRA’s security software solution.