RFID Software for Luxury Goods

Luxury goods and CYBRA technology is a perfect marriage. CYBRA can help improve loss prevention and increase your ability to track luxury items and inventory.

Edgefinity IoT RFID software helps you visualize your inventory data.

RFID Software Solutions for Luxury Goods Inventory Tracking

When losing just one item or parcel can affect your bottom line, you can’t take a chance by making incorrect shipping decisions, or having inaccurate inventory data. Not only that, RFID technology can improve loss prevention measures in subtle elegant ways

CYBRA Corporation’s award winning software can help you get a better handle on your inventory, and allows you to track your products with amazing accuracy, while decreasing losses in shipments and property losses.

Quickly locate inventory with Edgefinity IoT RFID software
Simplified Inventory Auditing
Read every item in every carton received, and validate every single item in every outbound carton packed.
Reduce Cycle Counting
Cut cycle count time by as much as 90%. Count as often as necessary. This frees up your sales team so associates can stay on the selling floor.
Improve Inventory Accuracy
Reduce cycle count time by as much as 90%. Count as often as needed. Edgefinity IoT increases inventory accuracy – critical for omni-channel operations.
Decrease Packing and Shipping Errors
Improve your operation’s picking, packing, and shipping procedures by automatically scanning each RFID tag.

RFID Seals. Cost Effective. Tamper Evident.

A low cost, highly secure alternative to conventional padlocks, CYBRA Lock & EnCode™ RFID Seals feature long-range RFID-reading performance in an easy to engage, advanced locking form factor. Lock & EnCode™ Locking RFID Seals are easy to integrate into Edgefinity IoT based and other RFID logistic solutions.

What Can CYBRA Do for Your Luxury Goods Inventory Management?

Whether you’re looking to improve inbound shipping, speed up carton validation, or reduce packing errors, CYBRA’s RFID software platform, Edgefinity IoT, gives you the tools to deploy a complete RFID system without any programming.

Edgefinity IoT RFID Software
Accurate Data Retrieval
Get a read rate of your inventory at 95% or higher. With CYBRA, your data comes in real time. No more waiting on inventory numbers.
Item Level Tracking
CYBRA’s solution that encodes EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliant RFID item tickets and validates orders by carton. Did we mention CYBRA’s tracking accuracy is 99%?
More Information on Your Labels
Use CYBRA’s easy to use WYSISYG form & labels editor. Add what you need on your items.

Combined with the Highest Performance RFID Hardware

CYBRA provides a complete RFID solution, partnering with the recognized leaders in RFID equipment and tags to insure your project’s success.

Alien Technology

RFID Integrated Solutions for Luxury Retail Inventory Management

With the ability to audit every inbound and outbound shipment, Edgefinity IoT reduces chargebacks, paying for itself many times over. Edgefinity IoT is a perfect fit for retail brands, manufacturers, and distributors looking to improve their shipping and receiving capabilities.

RFID Tag Validation

RFID tag validation and association of Items to Cases to Pallets — Edgefinity IoT manages pallet, carton, and item-packs to retain the integrity of transport units with load units.

Lock & EnCode RFID Seals

Secure your high value items and shipments by using CYBRA’s secure padlock hardware. It’s an inexpensive solution for you high value goods. They’re tamper proof and RFID readable!

EPCglobal Enabled

Edgefinity IoT includes EPCglobal Gen 2 SGTIN-96, SSCC-96, DOD-96 and other RFID Tag commissioning. It gives the ability to apply pallet/case/item EPC order validation.

Manage RFID tagged inventory data with Edgefinity IoT

RFID Software for Luxury Goods Management

Built on CYBRA’s expert system technology, Edgefinity IoT baseline alerts were developed utilizing the latest in RFID and RTLS (Real Time Tracking Systems) capabilities. Contact an RFID expert today to see how our technology can improve your organizational operations.

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[2023 RFID Integration Guide]

Have you been handed an RFID tag mandate from one of your retail partners? This ebook is a complete guide that will help manufacturers, and distributors reap great benefits from deploying RFID into your operations.


CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and enterprise barcode label software solutions.

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