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Need PDF files with barcodes? Here’s your solution. The MarkMagic PDF Fax Email Option makes it easy to create, fax, and e-mail PDF files that look just like your original MarkMagic forms or labels.

Share MarkMagic files electronically with the PDF / Email / Fax add-on.

Share MarkMagic Files Electronically

The PDF Fax Email Add-On makes it easy to share any MarkMagic document with customers or suppliers. Start by integrating PDF printing and e-mailing or faxing to communicate with your suppliers. Save money by adding the capability to your company web site or telephone system auto attendant for customers to have invoices or statements e-mailed or faxed to them without operator intervention.

Send Emails Automatically

Email and/or fax MarkMagic files and PDFs automatically, straight from the System i server. It’s easy – built right into MarkMagic is the “Work With MarkMagic Email Information” tool that helps you set up MarkMagic.

Fax Directly From the iSeries

Send documents VIA fax. Any format designed using HPPCL5, HPLJ4P or AFPDS printer device types can be faxed directly from the iSeries. This option requires IBM’s Facsimile Support for iSeries to be installed.

Combine MarkMagic Add-ons

For more flexibility, print statements as you normally do. PrintMonitor can separate the output by customer, and let the PDF Fax Email add-on email or fax the statements based on customers preferences.

Interested in the PDF / Email / Fax Add-On?

Contact CYBRA to discuss your specific software and hardware needs, and to see how the PDF/Email/Fax add-on can positively impact your business.

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