MarkMagic Enterprise 8.1 - Mod Level 131005

IBM Power Systems iOS V6R1+

MarkMagic™ 8 features breakthrough capabilities that give you more forms and report writing power, more flexibility to automate your document processing, more performance enhancements to reduce processing time, and more interface refinements to make designing bar code labels, RFID tags, forms and reports easier than ever before.

  • Quick Comply RFID – lets you quickly and easily meet EPC compliance mandates with built-in item level (SGTIN) serialization. While previous versions of MarkMagic fully supported RFID tag compliance, new MarkMagic accomplishes this in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.
  • Calculation Groups let you total spool file data or other retrieved data. Now you can define the ‘total’ field using calculation groups per page, group, report, or even running totals. More functionality, no programming.
  • New JMagic Display Objects – enhances Print Preview performance by drastically improving the speed of screen refreshes. Now you can test Rules and Conditions in real time and watch the screen change dynamically.

MarkMagic Version 8 History    |     JMagic 8.1 Mod 131005

  • Support for Printronix PXSL4M and PSCL5000R series added
  • New option to run CPYGRAF under an always on JVM server job
  • New OVRMMJOB features for batch processing
  • Work with TextBlocks add to Main Menu
  • Rules and Conditions added Print Analysis report
  • New PrintTransformer Feature: Ability to dynamically test a field’s variable length
  • AFP (AFPDSFX) barcode updates:
    • Datamatrix: supports lengths over 70, proper translation of pipe character, extra spaces removed
    • Maxicode: support for a blank State code

PrintTransformer updates:

  • Graphic Conditions processing corrected
  • “Contains” rule corrected
  • “&” Rules bursting issue resolved
  • Rotated format field position with Column/Row Conditions resolved
  • Resolved RuleSet format swapping issue when using Spooled files as data source
  • FormComposer fix for packed data fields & for obtaining *MASTER format field usages
  • PCL variable graphic positioning
  • Missing CPYGRAF parameter added
  • RFID data conversion resolved when passing via the PRTLBLF DATA parameter

Install Guide

MarkMagic 8.1 / 8.6 Installation/Upgrade Guide

Supports: IBM OS V6R1 – V7R2 (Note: OS V7R3 and above require MarkMagic 9 or higher.)

Tip: Remove all independent ASPs from your job by issuing the SETASPGRP (Set ASP Group) command and specify *NONE for the ASP Group parameter.

MarkMagic Version 8.1

Select this download if you are currently on MarkMagic Version 7.1, 7.2, or MarkMagic Version 6.1 Mod Level 081219 or later and your OS/400 is V5R3MO or V5R4MO.

The complete MarkMagic 8.1 system as shipped on CD. Does not include JMagic installation files. (117 MB)

JMagic Version 8 Client

Required to install JMagic 8 Client Designer. (approx. 77 MB) Requires MarkMagic 8 or later. Older JMagic, like V7, will not work with version 8.

JMagic is included FREE with your development license. You can install JMagic on as many computers as you would like.

Email:  |  914-963-6600 – Option 4

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