MarkMagic 8

More powerful. Easier to use.
MM8CDboxcNew MarkMagic™ 8 is more than a collection of updates. New MarkMagic 8 features breakthrough capabilities that give you more forms and report writing power, more flexibility to automate your document processing, more performance enhancements to reduce processing time, and more interface refinements to make designing bar code labels, RFID tags, forms and reports easier than ever before.

Even more so than in previous versions, no technical skills are required to produce even more types of sophisticated documents with new MarkMagic 8.

Breakthrough Forms Capabilities

New MarkMagic 8 gives you the ability to handle more complex forms and reports. Based on some awesome ideas from our customers, the new version gives you:

• Floating Footers(also known as “Clamped Footers”) are groups of lines and fields that print after the last detail line. The Floating Footer can appear anywhere on a page of a document or report. The Floating Footer’s fields can be derived from any source field with constant and/or variable data. Any/All field “type(s)” can be part of the Footer Group.

• Calculation Groups let you total spool file data or other retrieved data. Now you can define the ‘total’ field using calculation groups per page, group, report, or even running totals. More functionality, no programming.

• Collect Pages is a new Bursting parameter that searches a multiple page spool file and collects and extracts individual pages based on a value such as Customer ID. This is great for wave based printing of invoices even if orders are placed at different times of the day and therefore intermixed in the spool file.

• Last Page is a new PrintTransformer parameter that adds an extra page to the end of a print run (or Burst). It’s a great way to add legal terms or Instructions to the end of print job or PDF.

New Technology

New MarkMagic 8 enables cutting edge technologies that give you great ROI with support for such technologies as:

• Smartphone and Social Media QR Codes – with MarkMagic 8 you can add QR barcodes to any label or form and integrate marketing and promotion programs with logistics documents.
• Quick Comply RFID – lets you quickly and easily meet EPC compliance mandates with built-in item level (SGTIN) serialization. While previous versions of MarkMagic fully supported RFID tag compliance, new MarkMagic accomplishes this in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.
• GreenShip – Go green with new MarkMagic support for the Sato GY412T 2-Sided Printer. Save money and save the planet by printing pick lists or return labels on the reverse side of a shipping label.

More performance enhancements

New MarkMagic 8 is faster than ever. Here’s why:

• New Dedicated JVM– handles PDF, Email and graphic conversion processing more efficiently. You’ll notice the speed increase the first time you run a Java-based MarkMagic job such as graphic conversion or creation of PDF versions of your printed output.

• New JMagic Display Objects – enhances Print Preview performance by drastically improving the speed of screen refreshes. Now you can test Rules and Conditions in real time and watch the screen change dynamically.

More interface refinements

The new JMagic WYSIWYG Designer in MarkMagic 8 gives you the most popular customer requested refinements such as:

• Dynamically create *LINK Text fields by dragging DATA fields from List View Panel to the Design Canvas. Drag/Drop and the new Text field will be created as a *LINK with the data field as the source field. Quickly creating fields couldn’t be any easier!

• Format Canvas Toggle to show fields that are Conditioned or Ruled or both. No more guessing about which fields will change.

• Offset option under alignment for quick multiple field spacing. This is ideal for detail line vertical offsets.

• Canvas field crosshairs now magically appear when selecting or moving a field.

• Holding down the “Alt” Key performs a Horizontal or Vertical Lock when moving Fields via the Mouse on the JMagic Canvas.

More documentation tools

We’ve included the following new audit and documentation tools in MarkMagic 8 because you asked for them:

• New Print Log which, if turned on, tracks which formats (device, name, user lib, user name) are being printed/converted to PDF/faxed over the last X number of days.

• New PrintTransformer report added to Print Analysis reports. Rules (in a given user library) and Conditions for a particular format are documented.

• New comment field added to format definitions.


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