MarkMagic Enterprise 7.7 - Mod Level 110324

IBM Power Systems iOS V6R1+
New features to MarkMagic 7 include:

  • FormComposer added to MarkMagic Enterprise. FormComposer is a full-featured report writer with an intuitive interface which enables all kinds of reports containing headers and repeating detail lines, lookup fields from any number of associated files, overflow handling, calculated fields, and special functions.
  • MarkMagic 7 introduces a new field type “Text Block”. This new field makes it easy to add paragraphs of legal information to forms or a long list of ingredients to labels. Auto-formatting helps take the guess work out of column, font, and line offset changes. Font type, style, and point size can be changed within the block of text.
  • PrintTransformer Add-On Option: This “rules based” option includes all the format level rule features of PrintManager and a new set of field level rules. (Please see Section 5 for more details on this powerful option)
  • More Field Usage Definitions: Any variable field can have a “usage” defined as part of the field. Version 7 expands USAGE beyond the RFID fields to FormComposer fields. See FormComposer for more information.
  • Native PCL5 MICR support for laser checks. MarkMagic 7 will download the special MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) font to your printer memory turning any PCL5-compatible laser printer into a check printer.

Version 7 History    |    JMagic 7.2 Mod 110324

  • New Adobe PDF file creation performance option “MarkMagic JVM Subsystem”. Selecting “Y” for this new MarkMagic Parameters option will direct MarkMagic to create and reuse a dedicated System i Java Virtual Machine instead of starting a new generic JVM for each job. Depending on your application, performance gains range from 5% to 90% in file creation. Note: Please contact for option details and setup information before changing the default value “N” to the new method “Y”.
  • Zebra to AFPDSFX Emulation support: Any MarkMagic Zebra format can now be printed to a laser printer. Benefit: For any of you who already have Zebra labels defined in MarkMagic and would like to use these formats as part of a larger format (ex: combined ship label and pack list for direct to consumer compliance, etc), this new feature allows you to use your existing thermal formats to print on a laser printer. Simply choose AFPDSFX as your Emulated device in the PRTLBLF command and your normal MarkMagic Zebra output will automatically be converted to IBM’s AFP print language which can then be printed on a host of IPDS, PCL5, PCL5E, and PCL5C laser printers.
  • Increased maximum number of variable format fields from 750 to 999.
  • Eastern European Language support (Polish, Czech, etc) added to PCL5. Must use character set *EEU in PRTLBLF command.
  • New methods created to better handle PDF email and PDF text block. These changes have demonstrated a slight performance increase while resolving what could be potential upgrade issues (file locks) for customers in the future.
  • Increased receiver value to handle larger print runs.
  • Monarch 9800: Added center aperture supply support “supply type B” to Monarch 9800 print driver family. Increased maximum number from 99.
  • Following code page language support added to Monarch MPCL printer driver: 870, 277,278, and 420
  • Backfeed sequence option added to Zebra print driver (A-after, B-before, N-default, nnn-percent)
  • Increased length of email subject and body in PrintTransformer Rules to match maximum value in PRTLBLF command.
  • Resolved issue where RuleSets were not found if RuleSet library was set to *SEARCH and called via PRTLBLF command.
  • PrintTransformer: Resolved subscript error when switching back to a condition action used earlier in the print run. Corrected record number issue that caused incorrect page number data to be used in some scenarios. Rotated conditioned fields and formats are now consistent.
  • In the rare occasion email.log is locked while MarkMagic is setting up the log file, MarkMagic will reissue the call.
  • Resolved variable graphic subsequent page location issue.

Install Guide

MarkMagic 7.2 / 7.7 Installation/Upgrade Guide

Supports: IBM OS V6R1 – V7R2 (Note: OS V7R3 and above require MarkMagic 9 or higher.)

Important Installation Requirements:

CYBRA uses ZipSeries to install iSeries objects. First download and install ZipSeries on a PC. Then download the zipped installation objects to a temporary directory on your PC. Extract each object, then click to install to iSeries with ZipSeries.

You must be at OS/400 V6R1M0 or later to download and install MarkMagic from the web. If you are at OS/400 V4R5 or earlier, contact CYBRA to order an installation CD. A MarkMagic installation cannot be performed if an independent auxiliary storage pools (ASP) is accessible.

Tip: Remove all independent ASPs from your job by issuing the SETASPGRP (Set ASP Group) command and specify *NONE for the ASP Group parameter.

Select this download if you are currently on MarkMagic Version 7.6, 7.1, 7.0, 6.1, 6.0, or MarkMagic Version 5.1 Mod Level 060310 or later.

(110324) The complete MarkMagic 7.7 system as shipped on CD. Does not include JMagic installation files. (62 MB)

ISO file for burning your own AS/400 install CD. See Install Guide for CD installation and Upgrade steps (approx 680MB)

Package to update MarkMagic Version 7.7 Mod Lvl 101216 or later to MarkMagic Version 7.7 Mod Lvl 110324. Does not include JMagic installation files. (26 MB)

Select this download ONLY if you are currently on MarkMagic Version 7.7 Mod Level 101216

Email:  |  914-963-6600 – Option 4

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