JMagic 7.2 - Mod Level 110324

GUI Designer For MarkMagic - Mod Level 110324

Use MarkMagic’s intuitive JMagic Label and Forms Designer to create or modify your formats. Working with MarkMagic’s WYSIWYG designer is effortless. JMagic forms and labels designer is FREE with your MarkMagic Developer License.

  • Design forms and labels without writing any code.
  • Add barcodes and RFID tags to your forms and labels.
  • Variable graphics can be tied to fields in your database.
  • Add lines, boxes, barcodes, and graphics without mapping each text field individually.

Version 7 History    |    MarkMagic 7.2 Mod 110324

  • Increased performance when selecting and moving a large number of formats fields. Undo and Redo of large quantity fields is also much faster.
  • New “trim” option when defining PrintTransformer Condition Tests which suppress leading blanks and zeros when comparing data.
  • New DataBar WYSIWYG support for all types.
  • Enhanced AFPDSFX bar code WYSIWYG.
  • Resolved a number of small PrintTransformer RuleSet and Condition GUI items.
  • Improved EAN13 bar code WYSIWYG and added +2 and +5 WYSIWYG support.

Install Guide

JMagic 7.2 for IBM System i Install Guide

(110324) Required to install JMagic 7.2 Client Designer. (approx. 53 MB) Requires MarkMagic 7.2 or later

JMagic is included FREE with your development license. You can install JMagic on as many computers as you would like.  |  914-963-6600 – Option 4 |  Help Portal

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