MarkMagic X Updates & Features List

MarkMagic Version 10 Enhancements for All MarkMagic Users

Combine data from multiple sources with All-New SQL Support

Create labels and forms, combining data from multiple sources – in the same document. In addition to their DB2 data, IBM i users can mix and match data from MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle data sources. MarkMagic PI Users can mix and match MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and H2 data sources.  Previously, combining data from different sources required special programming.  Now it can be done with no programming, using a simple user interface. Packaged with MarkMagic Enterprise Edition.

Merge any PDF document with a MarkMagic formatYou can now insert PDF documents into MarkMagic formats .  The information contained on the PDF document can be positioned anywhere on a MarkMagic format.  The PDF document can be one produced by any application.  You can use an entire PDF page, or just a portion of it.  One common use of this functionality would be for companies that subscribe to carrier APIs in order to take advantage of shipment rating and shopping cart integration.  With MarkMagic’s new PDF merge feature, they can automatically transform a PDF of a carrier label into a variable graphic that can be incorporated into e-commerce collated forms.
Advanced Graphic Conversion options for Cropping and Removing white space

When you convert a source graphic you can now optionally choose just part of the Source Image area.  Example: 8.5 X 11 “image” has a 4 x 6 inch shipping label rotated on the top half and then shipping instructions below it.  You can choose the area that has just the shipping label for conversion.

You can now remove all surrounding white space from a source image.  Example:  A product image that contains unwanted white space can now be converted and used more efficiently, without wasted white space in the image which normally takes up canvas space and memory…. or forces you to manually edit each image.

The new graphic conversion capabilities are supported in the JMagic label and forms designer, MarkMagic for IBM i Commands and MarkMagic PI APIs.

Store and Reuse Text BlocksYou can now reuse the same Text Block in multiple formats.  In MarkMagic 10 Text Blocks are stored in a user library.
Long *HEADING Text and Data FieldsMaximum Field Length has been increased to 350 characters. This makes it much easier to create formats containing long fields such as product instructions or legal information, without having to experience the tedious task of linking together multiple small Data fields or physically lining up multiple Text fields to create a long paragraph.
Long HP PCL5 Laser FieldsMaximum Field Length has been increased to 350 characters on HP PCL5 formats. This makes it much easier to create formats containing long fields such as product instructions or legal information, without having to experience the tedious task of linking together multiple small Data fields or physically lining up multiple Text fields to create a long paragraph.
New Box Field Feature: Rounded & Notched corners for the PCL5 Laser and PDF driversThis is a common desktop publishing feature that we have added to MarkMagic.
New Strikethrough support for all drivers.Including change color of strike in our color drivers. This is a common word processing feature that we have added to MarkMagic.
Suppress print speed commands on SATOWe now have an option in the device table to suppress the Sato Speed value from being sent by MarkMagic.  This means the user can set the printer to whatever speed they like (or even some other application may be controlling the speed) and MarkMagic will not change it when it prints a label.  We have supported this with Zebra for years.
New up to date Web HelpCompletely rewritten and revamped Web Help documentation.  New HTML5 context sensitive web help is provided with up to date content.  JMagic help coming soon.
Font support expandedFont field type has been expanded from 2 to 4 characters, thus allowing for a maximum number of up to 9999 different font types.

MarkMagic Version 10 Enhancements for IBM i Users Only

New Search CapabilitiesBefore modifying a format, you can now determine which formats will be affected by the change.  For example: all formats that include the P.O. number or all labels that have the string “PART#” anywhere in a field name. This feature lets you find all fields in all formats that contain a character string or an attribute across user libraries.
Enhanced History LoggingLets you determine which fields in a format were modified, when a field was modified, what was modified, and by whom.  In addition, you can find out which format was printed, when it was printed, and by which user, sorted by date or by number of times printed.
PrintMonitor can now be triggered by IFS activityIn addition to watching an existing OS/400 spooled output file, or DB2/400 physical or logical file for new records, PrintMonitor now can monitor a folder on the IFS and trigger a print job when it detects a newly added file.  This is done by using the new PrintMonitor *DIR parameter.
MarkMagic Jobs Enhanced with new optional “Graphic Conversion” StepYou can now define jobs that include a step to convert PDF files to variable graphics before the Copy, Edit, and Print Steps.
Increased maximum number of text, barcode, and graphics fields per formatIncreased to maximum of 5,000 fields per format, allowing for very large formats with many fields.
New Work with Java Logs functionalityNew capabilities to more easily access and manage java logs.  Meant primarily for support staff troubleshooting and testing.

MarkMagic Version 10 Enhancements for PI Users Only

New MMPI Fusion Edition with Centralized Database

MarkMagic Fusion was developed for customers requiring centralized control and standardization of their formats, rules and graphics.  Fusion consists of a single MarkMagic PI Fusion Server that stores all formats, rules and graphics.  MarkMagic PI Fusion Run Times installed on other servers print by accessing the standardized formats, rules, and graphics on the Fusion Server.  Using MarkMagic Fusion does away with the need to export from development and import to production formats each and every time there is a change.  Customers with multiple MM PI copies that need to be kept in sync will appreciate this new feature. MarkMagic Fusion is a separately priced edition.

New Encrypted PrintingThe new MarkMagic PI Print REST API lets you put data in the body of a POST request. Print data can be encrypted with the print request to make it easier to transfer data across systems and for enhanced security.
New License upload APIInstead of logging into each worldwide instance of MarkMagic PI and using each instance’s web interface to upload a license, this new REST API lets you upload licenses programmatically (and remotely) and centrally manage the licenses.  Customers with multiple MarkMagic PI copies will appreciate this feature.
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