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Tutorial #2B MarkMagic Intermediate Forms Concepts Tutorial in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This tutorial will introduce variable text and barcode fields that use information retrieved from a spooled file.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to copy a format and why you would want to copy a format.
  • How to delete a field.
  • How to add a text field that is mapped to spooled file data.
  • How to copy the text field to easily map more lines in a spooled file.
  • How to add data fields that are mapped to spooled file data.
  • What a *LINK field is.
  • How to add text and barcodes that are linked to the data fields.
  • How to print with data from your spooled file.


[Case Study]

How NAFECO Improves Work-in-Process System with CYBRA’s RFID Application


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2021 RFID Integration Guide

2021 RFID Integration Guide

Today, retailers are pivoting hard in order to offer their services and products to more consumers on more platforms and in more places. It’s no secret that retailers with growing omnichannel initiatives see strong benefits with RFID from the DC to receiving to the...

Nafeco store layout

How NAFECO Improves Work-in-Process System with CYBRA’s RFID Software Application

A large part of NAFECO’s business is in uniforms for first responders. With thousands of garments in process every day, NAFECO needed an easier way to track and locate garments across its facility. To get the job done, NAFECO reached out to CYBRA to install their RFID tracking system.
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Barcode Labeling Software

RFID Tracking Software

Barcode Labeling Software

RFID Tracking Software