Luxury Goods

Luxury goods and CYBRA technology is a perfect marriage.

CYBRA can help improve loss prevention and increase your ability to track luxury items.



RFID & Barcode Software For Your Luxury Goods

When losing just one item or parcel can affect your bottom line, you can’t take a chance by making incorrect shipping decisions, or having inaccurate inventory data. Not only that, RFID technology can improve loss prevention measures in subtle elegant ways

CYBRA Corporation’s award winning software can help you get a better handle on your inventory, and allows you to track your products with amazing accuracy, while decreasing losses in shipments and property losses.

Why You Need Auto-ID Software

(data from GS1 US Standards Usage Survey, 2014, & Auburn University RFID Lab Studies)


Raises Inventory Accuracy


Increases Item Availability


Shipping Accuracy Improvement


Cuts Out-of-Stocks at Retail

CYBRA’s Software Can…

Get Items on the Shelf Faster

CYBRA can help significantly speed up your supply chain so your goods go from warehouse to store faster than ever. Lower receiving time up to 90% so associates can spend more time on the selling floor and not worry about inventory issues.

Improve Inventory Management

No more guessing on when you need to reorder more of a certain product or item. CYBRA can help improve out-of-stock retail issues by up to 50%.

Create Simple Alert Applications

Prevent shoplifting without large, expensive alarm systems. Use CYBRA’s RFID technology. It’s simple, inexpensive, and so subtle, it can be placed anywhere.


Active Item Level Tracking

Have your high value items talk to you. Instead of doing daily counts, get peace of mind by having your RFID tags update you on their status and location without the hassle.


Lock & EnCode

Secure your high value items and shipments by using CYBRA’s secure padlock hardware. It’s an inexpensive solution for you high value goods. They’re tamper proof and RFID readable!

Reduce Cost of Labor & Shipping Issues

Reduce errors through high speed auditing and order validation. Reduce labor cost and time it takes to do physical inventory. Decrease labor cost and time it takes to receive goods. Increase your revenue and margins.

Lock & EnCode™ – Locking RFID Seals

Tamper evident, single use RFID tagging solution.


Our Software

The strongest asset of our company is that we can offer the most resourceful software in the Auto-ID industry.
It’s why the biggest companies in the world rely on us to help get their work done. And, it’s why we’ve been in business since 1985.



The Best RFID Solution in the Industry

EdgeMagic® is designed to manage your edge devices, commission,write, read, and verify your RFID tags and, most importantly, it can be fully integrated with your business applications. Choose EdgeMagic to help you use RFID technology to track your assets & goods.

EdgeMagic lets you control RFID readers, barcode scanners, thermal and laser printers, light stacks, message boards, photo eyes and other devices directly from your System i, AIX, Linux or Windows business server.



The Best Barcode Solution in the Industry

MarkMagic® is the award winning Barcode Label, RFID Tag, Forms, and Report Writing solution that’s fast, versatile and powerful. And with all that power, it’s still amazingly easy to learn and use. Only MarkMagic supports more than 450 barcode label, forms, and RFID tag printer types.

Combine that with our unparalleled printing performance, versatile design features, powerful format features, and effortless application integration, and you got the best software in the entire industry!