PDF 417

What is a PDF 417 Barcode?

Portable Data File 417 is a two-dimensional bar code developed by Symbol Technologies, Inc. It is the most widely used 2D barcode (more than one row of codes) and it can hold up to 1,800 bytes of any digital data in an area the size of a business card.

PDF417 barcodes can encode a vast range of data. Most other barcodes could only encode alphanumeric data, but PDF417 allows you to store a variety of data, including binary and large files. The standard supports ASCII coding, as well as up to 256 ASCII characters. This barcode is ideal for storing and tracking information. It’s also compatible with most linear CCD scanners.

A PDF417 barcode symbol has different columns and rows. The number of rows and columns will depend on your application. There are two types of symbols: normal and truncated. A truncated PDF417 barcode symbol has only two row start columns. You can’t use it for data with more than 20 columns. Some scanners won’t be able to reliably read it if you use more than twenty.

A PDF417 barcode is a standardized format for printing postage. It’s widely used in the automotive and transportation industries. It’s also inscribed on airline boarding passes. In addition, the standard is included on visas and border crossing cards issued by some countries. FedEx uses PDF417 symbols on its labels and packing slips to automate delivery.

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PDF 417 Barcode

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