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MarkMagic is the forms, barcode label, RFID tag, and report writing software that’s integrated into VAI S2k ERP software. Unleash the power of world-class printing ALREADY installed with VAI’s S2k and ready to use.

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MarkMagic is the printing engine inside VAI S2k

The Printing Engine Inside VAI S2k

MarkMagic printing functions are built into VAI S2k, and already installed on your server. No messy uploading, downloading, or creating special printer queues.

Get started immediately with VAI’s preloaded formats. Plus, hundreds of other popular E-commerce and compliance MarkMagic formats are at your fingertips. Any existing legacy formats that you already have – no matter how they were originally created – can be easily imported into MarkMagic

MarkMagic runs natively on the AS/400.

AS/400 Native

MarkMagic was designed to run natively on the IBM Power Systems i (AS/400). Markmagic doesn’t require a separate server, which is why it is so fast.

Use Markmagic and your VAI S2k license with over 450 different printer types.

450+ Printers Supported

MarkMagic supports hundreds of printer types. PDF files can be emailed to customers. Add unlimited printers and users at no extra charge.

MarkMagic is already integrated with VAI S2k software.

VAI S2k Integrated

MarkMagic is already integrated with VAI S2k ERP software. No uploading, downloading, or creating special printer queues.

MarkMagic Add-Ons

Enhance your forms and labels development with these powerful MarkMagic Add-Ons. All MarkMagic add-ons are free to try and fully compatible with your VAI S2k system. Contact our sales team to learn more at


Print fields based on user defined conditions.

PDF / Email / Fax

Output your forms and labels as a fax, e-mail, or PDF files.


Watch output queues for spool files and watches physical files for added records.


Merge multiple formats on one page.

RFID Quick Comply

Print RFID tags so you can comply with EPC specifications.

2D Laser Barcode

Add 2D barcode types to your forms and labels.

Easily Design Labels & Forms

CYBRA’s MarkMagic® empowers you to design virtually any type of Auto-ID document – barcode labels, electronic forms, RFID tags, tickets, etc. – and print them on hundreds of types of general and specialized printers from laser to thermal to automated applicators.

Design Labels Faster

Use our intuitive JMagic Label and Forms Designer to create or modify your formats. You’ll be productive instantly. Working with MarkMagic’s WYSIWYG designer is effortless.

Available on Any Platform

MarkMagic runs nativley on the IBM AS/400, and doesn’t require a separate server. Also available for IBM AIX, Windows, Mac, Linux, and the cloud.

Quickly Merge and Transform

Collating forms and labels is a snap. Ideal for e-commerce shipping, ship to consumer, and order fulfillment.

VAI S2k Form and Label Support

MarkMagic supports all VAI S2k forms and labels.

VAI S2k Formats

VAIITEMLBLItem Label with Barcode
VAIITM1LBLItem Label No Barcode
VAIPALTLBLPallet label
VAIBOLVAI Bill of Lading
VAIDFT128VAI Default UCC-128
VAIOCONVAI Order Confirmation
VAIPODTAVAI Purchase Order Form
VAIQCONVAI Quotation Confirmation
VAIRCONVAI R/A Confirmation
VAITRNSDTAVAI Location Transfer Pick Tkt

MarkMagic Format Library

There’s over 200 form and label formats that comes fully loaded into your MarkMagic license. The formats you need are already loaded on your server. And, if there’s a unique format type you need, the MarkMagic team will make it for you!

Develop WMIT shipping labels with MarkMagic within your VAI S2k license.
Develop WMi shipping labels with MarkMagic within your VAI S2k license.
Develop DHL shipping labels with MarkMagic within your VAI S2k license.
Develop shipping labels with MarkMagic within your VAI S2k license.

Which Version is Right For You?

No matter which MarkMagic you choose, they all provide you with the best solution to design and print all of your Forms and Barcode Labels.

Recommended Applications

  • Collated e-commerce forms
  • GS1 barcode compliance labels
  • Fedex, UPS and other carrier labels
  • EPC RFID item labels and tickets
  • Bills of Lading
  • Pick tickets
  • MICR checks
  • Fabric care labels
  • Invoices and statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • RFID wristbands
  • Plastic ID cards

Want More Out of Your VAI S2k License?

Hundreds of happy VAI S2k customers are enjoying the full range of benefits that MarkMagic has to offer. It literally takes just a few minutes.

Once MarkMagic is installed, you can start:

  • Import your legacy forms and labels
  • Design and print your own shipping labels and forms
  • Add barcodes and RFID tags to your documents

Contact us for a license key that will activate all the capabilities of MarkMagic. It’s already running on your server. There’s nothing to install!

Want More Out of Your VAI S2k License?

Contact CYBRA to discuss your specific software and hardware needs, and to see how MarkMagic can positively impact your business.

CYBRA Corporation

Over 30 years of software sales & development. Thousands of customers worldwide. And, we’re just getting started. CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and barcode forms & labeling software solutions.

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