Eliminate Programming

No source code? No programming resources? No problem.

What could be easier than telling MarkMagic to automatically run a MarkMagic Job when a spooled file appears in an Output Queue or when a record is added to a file? PrintMonitor is ideal if you have no source code available or you don’t have the time or resources to change source programs. The powerful MarkMagic PrintMonitor Option watches output queues for spool files and watches physical files for added records. Files that meet user-defined criteria can be automatically printed.

*Note: MarkMagic 9 for IBM Power System i Print Monitor Add On Option watches physical files and spooled output files for added records. The Print Monitor Add On Option in MarkMagic PI 9.1  works slightly differently, watching flat files on network shares for added records.

PrintMonitor Benefits

PrintMonitor works without source code to print labels and forms. First, design a label or form. Then create a MarkMagic Job to print the label or form. Last, create a PrintMonitor to watch an output queue for spool files or a physical file for added records. You can create as many PrintMonitors as you need, each assigned to perform a specific task. Monitors can be triggered by combining various spool file attributes such as: File Name, Output Queue and Library, User, User Data, Form Type, or Program and Library.

When files or records are added that meet the conditions you specified in the monitor, the associated MarkMagic Job automatically runs. You can use PrintMonitor with any application and it requires no programming to achieve sophisticated results. No source code changes are required whatsoever.


  • MarkMagic 5.1 or later
  • OS/400 V4R5 or later

PrintMonitor – Value

Using the MarkMagic PrintMonitor Option is the fastest, easiest way to integrate labels, RFID tags or forms into your applications. You can concentrate on designing documents that fit your business requirements without worrying about any programming at all.

Recommended Applications

  • Invoices and statements
  • Shipping documents
  • Pick tickets
  • Bar code and RFID labels
  • Garment tickets
  • UCC 128 compliance labels
  • any MarkMagic document