A Perfect Combination of Power and Ease of Use

No time to program complex documents? No problem.

FormWeaver enables printing of documents that combine multiple formats. FormWeaver Documents come in many varieties, including the merging of two or more formats on one page. An example of merged formats would be a bill of lading form with a shipping label in the lower left hand corner. FormWeaver Documents can also consist of multiple formats per input record. A printed invoice that contains a duplexed back page with special instructions, is an example of this feature.

FormWeaver Benefits

Certain industries, particularly those that ship directly to the consumer, require that the shipping document contains both a pick ticket, and a FedEx Ground or UPS carrier label. You no longer need to program for complex documents that contain, for example, a packing list with header information, detail information, and shipping information, as well as an integrated bar code shipping or return label. Design the packing list, then design a standard shipping label, and use the MarkMagic FormWeaver Option to merge the different formats into one document at print time.

FormWeaver – Value

MarkMagic Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software was designed from the beginning to adapt new bar code symbologies and printer technologies to business requirements. Using the MarkMagic FormWeaver Option for printing complex labels or forms means you can concentrate on designing documents that fit your business requirements, without worrying about programming for these special forms. FormWeaver works great with the Print Monitor Option, the Laser 2D Bar Code Option, and the PDF / Email / Fax Add-On Option.

Recommended Applications

  • Direct marketer shipping documents
  • Catalog merchant shipping documents
  • e-commerce site shipping documents
  • Pharmacy patient inserts
  • Legal contracts
  • Insurance company forms
  • Bills of Lading


  • MarkMagic 5.1 or later
  • OS/400 V4R5 or later
  • Any supported MarkMagic printer