How to Make Your Shipping Operations More Environmentally Friendly

Learn how the shipping industry is moving to a greener direction and why it is important for manufacturers and distributors to look at green shipping solutions.

(Originally recorded on 7/21/2021) Adding sustainable packaging and fulfillment initiatives to your shipping operations is not just good for the environment – it’s good business. Over 45% of consumers are actively looking for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Additionally, retailers are handing down packing and shipping guidelines to distributors that necessitate environmentally friendly packing initiatives.

In this focused 20-minute webinar, the MarkMagic team will share real world examples brands are deploying to maximize consumable usage, reduce shipping waste, and improve operational sustainability.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Why distribution teams are quickly adopting eco-friendly fulfillment practices.
  • How to combine your forms, labels, and other documents so you can print more on less paper.
  • Ways to save money and precious time while reducing consumable usage across your supply chain.

Check out how MarkMagic can help reduce your shipping operation’s carbon footprint while significantly reducing operational overhead.

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