How to Leverage MarkMagic in Your Manhattan WMS Products

(Originally recorded on 5/17/2023) Unleash the power of world-class printing ALREADY installed on your Manhattan Associates server! MarkMagic ships with Manhattan Active Warehouse Management (MAWM), WMi, WMOS, and other Manhattan WM software products. MarkMagic printing functions are built into Manhattan’s software, and already installed on your server. No messy uploading, downloading, or creating special printer queues.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Connecting to Database Files – CYBRA’s MarkMagic barcode label printing software enables customers to compose forms and reports by populating a MarkMagic label file with data collected from header files, detail files, and look up files, and then performing calculations on the data.
  • PDF Merging – Insert PDF documents into MarkMagic formats from your WMS. Information contained on PDF documents can be positioned anywhere on a MarkMagic format. The PDF document can be produced by any application.  Conversely, MarkMagic has several output options:  PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF and standard printer code.
  • Using Multiple Data Sources – Create labels and forms, combining data from multiple sources – in the same document. Users can mix and match data from text files, physical files, spool files, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle data sources and even CSV, JSON and XML.
  • Converting Legacy ZPL – Printer code has met its match! Importing your forms and labels is easy with MarkMagic. In minutes, we can convert labels that only existed as ZPL code into files you can edit with our front-end designer.
  • Leveraging our Template Library – Your MarkMagic license gives you access to our template library which contains dozens of shipping labels, retail labels, invoices, statements, purchase orders, and packing slips.

Check out how Manhattan WM users can start using MarkMagic to print their forms and labels.

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