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I am very happy with this native System i solution. More than an economical solution, MarkMagic is a great value because I can do so much with it. MarkMagic is an excellent performer. I can’t even tell it is running. MarkMagic creates labels and forms as quick as the printers can print them.

Ray Curry

MIS Director, Hunter Fan

We use MarkMagic for inventory control, location tracking, and compliance marking. With customers ranging from the Federal Government (DOD, NASA) to agribusiness and construction OEM and distribution accounts, MarkMagic makes it easy for Raven to print bar codes that meet these different customer needs.

Cal Fickbohm

Application Development Manager, Raven Industries

MarkMagic offered a total solution for Charmant’s needs for both labels and forms. Additionally, CYBRA Corporation offered everything necessary for the solution such as printers, scanners, ribbons, labels, etc. MarkMagic for the System i gives us confidence that we can deal with any problem that might come up. It is a great product.

Deborah Kacerek

Manager of Information Technologies , Charmant

MarkMagic’s support for a wide range of barcode types, multiple data sources, and more than 300 output printer types, make it a versatile answer for projects that would have required a whole shelf full of different System i packages. Only MarkMagic combines support for all the different printer types we need — plastic card, thermal, and laser. MarkMagic can do what no other System i software can do.

Eleanor Santos

IT Supervisor, Bricklayer’s Fringe Benefit Fund

JMagic is a pleasure to use. Because we were already a MarkMagic barcode labeling software customer, moving over to MarkMagic Forms was an easy, cost effective decision. We already knew how to use the product. We’ve also purchased the MarkMagic PrintMonitor Option. The monitor looks at the output queue for the print jobs and automatically puts the form on top, so the programming effort on the user side is reduced dramatically.

Joe Lewis

IS Executive, Spiewak

Over the last 6 months our non-technical team began leveraging MarkMagic Conditions to handle customer specific format requests which has been an unexpected benefit of the system. Previously, format changes would take a few days and require a programmer’s involvement, now they take just a few minutes which makes us happy and our notoriously impatient customers very happy.

Tom M.

National Director, Custom Fundraising Solutions

MarkMagic is a great strategic fit for North American. MarkMagic is a good product, as it does a lot of good things. We certainly have been able to leverage it to expand what we do with labels and forms. It has been instrumental in our business.

Shawn Smith

System Administrator, North American Paper

We’ve been using MarkMagic since the mid ‘90s to develop and maintain customer compliant labels. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of labels and MarkMagic is an excellent tool to help us keep up with customer requirements.

Chet L.

Systems Manager, Conair

MarkMagic is easy to use and is supported by a great group of people. It works exactly as it should every time and makes our forms and printed material look great. Could not be more pleased.

Jeremy B.

Director of IT, NAFECO

I like how easy it is to produce and update our shipping labels. Also, being able to set up item labels for specific customers is also very easy to do.

Aaron K.

Computer Programmer / Analyst, Shop Vac

Because we are already a MarkMagic Barcode Label software customer, adding MarkMagic Forms was an easy decision. We’ve been working with MarkMagic for more than 10 years, and we already know how to use the product. The MarkMagic PDF/Email/Fax Add-on Option lets MEC eliminate the time and expense associated with faxing purchase orders.

Paul G.

IT Specialist, MEC