Free Barcode Label Software.


MarkMagic® is an all in one barcode label software solution that enables users to design and print labels in minutes. With MarkMagic you can:

  • Design Labels and Forms Without Any Custom Coding
  • Collate Forms and Labels into One Printable Document
  • Create Rules Based Workflows to Automate Printing
  • Populate labels with data via SQL, Excel, JSON, or XML

How to Get Started

Installing MarkMagic’s free barcode label software edition only takes a few minutes. Follow the instructions outlined below and try MarkMagic® today for free:

01Download Install Files – Download the MarkMagic zip file by filling out the form on this page. Be sure select the form for the operating system you wish to install MarkMagic onto.

Additionally, we have added MarkMagic’s GUI designer, JMagic, and installation guides for all included programs.

02Run the MarkMagic Installation Wizard – Once the install file has been downloaded, run the file and follow the simple steps within the install wizard. This should only take a minute or so. If you want to be able to design your forms and labels, be sure to also install JMagic, which is also in the zip file.

03Get Installation License Keys – Once MarkMagic and JMagic are installed, there is just one more step – to get your trial license key. A CYBRA customer support representative can send you the license key as soon as possible during regular business hours.

To download MarkMagic for IBM i, Windows or Linux, fill out the appropriate form below. If you need MarkMagic for other operating systems or platforms, please request a trial here.

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