Version 4.0 Mar 2000

  • Added JMagic WYSIWYG Label Design Interface
  • Added ability to change user library in MarkMagic
  • Added ability to copy a format from one user library directly to another user library.
  • Added SM@RT Heading fields, where a heading field’s descriptive information comes from a message file. This is done by keying “@msg” followed by a message id in the Description field of a *HEADING field. F4 function key is supported for choosing message id’s from a list.
  • Datamax driver: Added cache memory for scalable fonts command.

Version 3.3 Oct 1999

  • Added Master Formats. Master formats function as format “templates” that contain Data fields only. Other “Dependent” formats refer to Master formats, linking to the Data fields as needed.
  • A new, faster method of passing variable data to MarkMagic printing – data queue. In addition to passing variable data to PRTLBLF via label file, data structure (and *SPOOLFILE), can now pass variable data via a data queue.
  • Increased DATA parameter in PRTLBLF from 3,000 characters to 5,000 characters to accomodate larger variable data needs, especially for master formats and for 2D bar codes.
  • Moved all data files out of MRKMAG library. Default MarkMagic User library is MRKMAGDTA.
  • Changed default value for SPOOLNAME parameter in PRTLBLF command from *PRTF to *FMT.
  • Add a new value for PRTLBLF Forms Alignment parameter – *NONE.

Version 3.2 Dec 1998

  • Added SM@RT Forms: By “mapping” fields to an AS/400 spooled file, instead of to data base fields, users can quickly design a form and/or label based on an existing spooled file, without any programming to produce
  • a label file. The SM@RT Forms feature provides the visual mapping capability, allowing the definition of fields by visually choosing them from a spooled file display. Spooled data can be transformed into bar codes, eliminated, rotated, moved, duplicated, fonts changed, etc.
  • Added AFPDS overlays: Generate Label File command (GENLBLFD) can produce AS/400 overlay objects that can be used in existing AS/400 print programs, thereby eliminating perprinted forms without any additional programming.
  • Added Monarch Compliance Library
  • Added RJS Thermabar 260 and 285 print drivers.
  • Added Eltron Privilege plastic card print driver with Magnetic Stripe capability.
  • Added support for printers connected via Symbol Technologies RF networks.
  • Added UPS Maxicode Wizard. Uses new feature, SM@RT codes, as field type designations. Also uses new feature, SM@RT files, to predefine all variable fields along with SM@RT codes. Also uses new feature, Select a Range of Fields, to define the entire Maxicode set of links in one operation.
  • In the PRTLBLF command’s From record number (FROMRCD) parameter, added value of *LAST.
  • In the PRTLBLF command’s Enable ASCII Transparency
  • (ATRN) parameter, added value of *DIR.
  • In the CRTLBLF & GENLBLFD commands added a
  • new optional parameter, OPTIMIZE (Optimize
  • Field Order).
  • Added new troubleshooting command, EDTSPLF, for creating and/or changing spool files.
  • When adding a new *LINK field, if the user presses enter and no links exist yet, the Work with Links screen is displayed
  • DataMax driver: Added support for backfeed with blackmark and with other (no sensor) stock.
  • Added a program, GETMMJOB, that can be called from a user application to check if a particular MarkMagic job exists.
  • Added a command, RUNMPFJOB (Run Multi-Part Forms Job), so that users can easily replace existing multiple parts continuous forms with a page printer’s output. Each part can use different format, drawer and bin combinations.
  • Added typing short-cuts in Work with Field screens.

Version 3.1 Dec 1997

  • Added support for long fields. Data, Text and Bar Code fields can be up to 3,000 characters long. (Actual maximum length of text and bar code fields is dependent on printer device. This version contains implementation of long
  • fields for Monarch, Zebra and Eltron printers only). Long bar codes include PDF 417 and Maxicode.
  • Added Eltron driver.
  • Added override capability to MarkMagic Jobs through OVRCPYJOB, OVREDTJOB, OVRPRTJOB commands.
  • Added Work with Overrides (Function Key 14) to Work with Jobs for users to troubleshoot Job printing problems.
  • Added new program examples, EXRUNJOBOR (RPG) and EXRUNJOBOC (CLP), that show how to use Overrides.
  • Replaced individual export and import functions with EXPMMOBJ (Export MarkMagic Object) and IMPMMOBJ (Import MarkMagic Object) to handle Jobs, Formats and Graphics. Also, besides saving to a device or a save file, can also export to a *PCFILE (to be sent via diskette or e-mail through shared folder), or to a *NETFILE (to a user on the network, perhaps connected by using REACH).
  • Added new parameters to PRTLBLF command: SNSTVTY – Print sensitivity (used for Intermec print stock index type) DRAWER – Source drawer (page printers) OUTBIN – Output bin (page printers) DUPLEX – Print on both sides of page (page printers) *YES, *NO, *TUMBLE
  • Added a “Select All” option to Field Selection when creating a Data Field. This gives users the ability to set up all Data fields corresponding to a user data base file in one step.
  • On “Work with ….” panels, measurement fields are now displayed with decimal points
  • In Design View, added expanded functionality to F2 (Edit). In addition to being able to place cursor directly on a field, or in upper left corner (for Data fields), user can now place cursor any-where on label image that is NOT an existing field and get a list of all fields in format from which to choose for field edit. For most needs, this eliminates having to toggle between Design View and List View since it essentially combines both views
  • Added Job report.
  • When MarkMagic is started with a User Library, User Library is displayed on main menu panel.
  • DUMPMODE command removed. Replaced by STRANZPRT (Start Analyze Print) and ENDANZPRT (End Analyze Print). STRANZPRT command includes Print to Device parameter. This allows user to direct the Print Analysis Report to a specified device, an *OUTQ, a *PCFILE, or a *NETFILE.
  • Added commands EXPMMFIX (Export MarkMagic Fix) and APYMMIFX (Apply MarkMagic Fix) for sending MarkMagic object fixes to customers via a PC file.
  • New REACH version 3.1 is shipped along with new release of MarkMagic.
  • Added Duplex function and Hebrew symbol set to HP-Laser driver.
  • Added color support for AFP
  • Added support for Monarch 9800 series printers including new fonts (outline, Triumvirate, etc.) and cutter. Also added support for Batch Control Field Command which has parameters for feed mode, separators, repetition, parts across, cut type, and cut multiple.
  • Added a high performance LXE RF driver option

Version 3.0 Dec 1996

  • Added application generator.
  • New command, Copy to Label File for copying and optionally linking format data.
  • New program, Work with Data for editing label file data.
  • Added MarkMagic Jobs: User can predefine jobs that can copy data, edit data and/or print. Job parameters can either be prompted at run time or predefined. Jobs can can be organized by job groups and/or user libraries.
  • New command, RUNMMJOB, can be called from a user program, simplifying the integration of MarkMagic printing into user applications. Full job history file can be displayed and quieried.
  • Added AFP support.
  • Dump Mode ‘A’: Runs analyze print.
  • Added an “F4” (User prompting) capability to DEV (Printer Device) parameter on PRTLBLF (Print Label File) command. Displays Local printers, Remote
  • printers, Virtual printers.
  • Added an “F4” (User prompting) capability to USRLIB (User Library) parameter on PRTLBLF (Print Label File), STRMRKMAG (Start MarkMagic). and CVTMRKMAGU (Convert MarkMagic User Lib) commands. Displays all User Library Names.
  • Zebra driver: Added support for all print speeds. Added support for graphics fields for device types that do not have enough memory to store and retrieve formats, but that can print graphics.

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