MarkMagic Free Format - Hayneedle Packing Slip Template

Download this Free Packing Slip Template Format

Hey retail partners! Here is a complete packing slip template format for all your upcoming order fulfillments. Designed just as Hayneedle recommends, this packing slip template has space for you to include promotional offers to turn first time customers into loyal patrons.

Hayneedle Packing Slip Template


1. Download the format as a zip folder.
2. Extract the XML file from the folder.
3. Open JMagic.
4. Select the printer type.
5. Press Utilities > Import.
6. Select XML if it isn’t the selected file type.
7. Search your computer for the XML file.
8. Select the XML file
9. Select the formats from the file to import, along with any target graphics, or source graphics to include.
10. Select the library to import to.
11. Press import, and now you have your new Hayneedle packing slip template.

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