Barcode Labeling and RFID Tracking Solutions for Agriculture

From cannabis growing operations to fruit farming, CYBRA provides inventory control capabilities, equipment management, and asset tracking applications for a wide range of agricultural businesses.

RFID Software

Edgefinity IoT

Trusted RFID software technology that combines RFID technology with real-time tracking capabilities. Edgefinity IoT gives users the ability to track assets and equipment, locate inventory, and monitor employees with ease.

Barcode Labeling Software


A complete enterprise barcode labeling and software solution relied on by thousands of brands worldwide. MarkMagic solves complex barcode labels and forms design and printing challenges in one powerful software package.

Barcode Labeling Features

Labels, Forms and RFID Tags for Farms and Production Facilities.

Labels, Forms and RFID Tags for Farms and Production Facilities

Why use different programs for printing barcode labels, shipping forms, and packaging labels when all you need is one software application – MarkMagic. Print complex forms and labels with data from multiple sources on more than 450 kinds of barcode and forms printers. There’s no limit to what you can print when MarkMagic lets you define thousands of fields on each label or form. Print retail-ready color packaging on demand.

Produce Traceability Across Your Entire Supply Chain

Ensuring proper safety and compliance practices across your entire supply chain can be challenging. Deploying effective labeling and RFID tagging procedures helps alleviate supply chain headaches and errors. CYBRA’s MarkMagic barcode labeling and RFID software can assist in ensuring traceability from farm and packing plants to table. CYBRA is a member of GS1 US and supports its Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Traceability Guidelines.

Produce Traceability Across Your Entire Supply Chain.

RFID Software Tracking Features

Farming Equipment and Asset Tracking.

Farming Equipment and Asset Tracking

Misused, or misplaced farming equipment wastes time and is a major drain on resources. Adding farm equipment maintenance software to your operations helps ensure expensive agricultural equipment is not sitting idle. CYBRA’s Edgefinity IoT real-time asset tracking software ensures your farm equipment is in the right place and in the right hands. Track maintenance, location, equipment status, and more with Edgefinity IoT.

Agricultural Work in Process Tracking

Managing the tracking and monitoring of WIP (work in process) as produce moves from process to process throughout your production facility is a demanding responsibility. That’s why improved visibility throughout your supply chain is crucial. Track harvests from grow to production and storage with CYBRA’s Edgefinity IoT work in process tracking software. Grade faster and sell more with our farming WIP solutions.

Agricultural Work in Process Tracking.


Generate barcode labels and other print documents such as package labels, storage labels, shipping labels, and more. Tracking farming equipment in real-time to ensure productivity and proper maintenance.

Timber & Logging

Create and print barcode labels on demand for timber and logging operations. Encode your lumber tags without slowing down with the assistance of CYBRA’s barcode labeling software.


Track plants from seed to sale with CYBRA’s RFID cannabis tracking solutions. Run cycle counts of plants in propagation, track plant movement from location to location, encode finished products, run inventory checks, and much more.

Gardens & Nurseries

Track growth, movement, and sales of plants throughout your facilities. Easily print barcode labels for inventory. Design and print product, packaging, and shipping labels all from one powerful software application.

Industry Solutions

Asset Tracking

Track assets and farming equipment in real-time. Regulate farming equipment usage, monitor location, manage status, and schedule regular maintenance checks all from one interface.

Inventory Tracking

Improve supply chain visibility by adding RFID inventory tracking software. From seed to harvest and beyond, farmers and growers can track inventory ensuring their supply chain is moving without issue.

Personnel Safety Monitoring

Keep track of your employees in real-time with CYBRA’s RFID application – Edgefinity IoT. Monitor the status of workers around your farm or agricultural facilities to know they are safe and on task.

Product ID & Packaging

Create all the packaging and product labeling you need with CYBRA’s MarkMagic barcode labeling software. Add 1D or 2D barcodes, design and print your packaging and shipping labels all with one powerful software package.

Real Time Item Validation

Improve supply chain visibility by adding RFID inventory tracking software. From seed to harvest and beyond, farmers and growers can track inventory ensuring their supply chain is moving without issue.

Work in Process Tracking

Make sure the movement of your operations is smooth an efficient with our WIP (work in process) management solutions. Track products, identify bottlenecks, and improve procedures – all from one easy to use interface.

Industry Resources

A Perfect Barcode Labeling Solution For Fruit Distributors.

A Perfect Barcode Labeling Solution For Fruit Distributors

What is 8″ wide, 14″ long and has more than 300 fields? A barcode label format that David Del Curto needed to print on demand — at harvest time — in the company’s orchard processing plants. The grower turned to Psion Teklogix for wireless data processing to connect the company’s System i computers with orchards across the country, and Psion Teklogix turned to CYBRA …

Benefits of Deploying Color Labeling into Your Supply Chain.

Benefits of Deploying Color Labeling into Your Supply Chain

Looking to add color label printing capabilities into your farm’s supply chain? Adding color labeling to your supply chain improves brand recognition and can help your team improve production efficiency. This is a quick guide that shows the biggest benefits brands can enjoy when adding color to their product labels and supply chain …

Agriculture Management Software FAQs

What are the Benefits of Tracking Farm Equipment?

With an RFID tracking software system, farm equipment can be monitored at all times. This provides major benefits that ensure expensive farming tools and equipment are used properly. Additionally, tools and production assets can be located quicker eliminating downtime otherwise lost due to searching.

Can Barcode Labeling Software Help with Food Regulation Compliance?

As the farming industry has globalized, shipping and distribution has become more complicated. A modernized barcode labeling software system is a great way to improve your farms operations and supply chain. A labeling software system such as CYBRA’s MarkMagic assists farmers and growers automate their label printing. Your labeling system can handle exceptions, generate variable data and graphics, and eliminate manual design/printing processes – all of which reduces common labeling errors.

Can RFID Help in Fruit and Vegetable Traceability

​RFID technology can be a vital element to a farm’s supply chain. With an RFID software tracking system, farmers and growers can track produce from seed to sale. Produce given unique ID tags can be tracked in CYBRA’s RFID tracking software – Edgefinity IoT. Once tagged, the produce’s status, location, and history can be viewed within Edgefinity IoT’s reporting interface.

How does a Barcode Labeling System Help in Handling Recalls

Believe it or not, a top reason for recalls is due to labeling errors. Using a modern labeling system, farms and agricultural operations can maintain a centralized label management system that ensures a number of helpful tools such as access control, print history, and more secure database connections. If your operations are still relying on legacy barcode labeling software, you are leaving your organization vulnerable to major recall and compliance issues.

RFID and Barcoding Solutions for Agriculture

Since 1985, CYBRA has been solving some of the most vexing auto-ID challenges in the world. Relied on by many of the biggest names in retail, manufacturing, and safety & security, trust CYBRA with all your barcoding and RFID needs.

CYBRA Corporation

Over 30 years of software sales & development. Thousands of customers worldwide. And, we’re just getting started. CYBRA specializes in RFID technology, real time tracking systems, and barcode forms & labeling software solutions.

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Barcode Labeling Software

RFID Tracking Software

Barcode Labeling Software

RFID Tracking Software

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