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EdgeMagic RFID Software

The RFID Software Solution You’ve Been Looking For.


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What is EdgeMagic?

edgemagic_3dEdgeMagic® RFID Software is designed to manage your edge devices, commission, write, read, and verify your RFID tags. It can be fully integrated with your business applications. EdgeMagic is a browser based web application that can be accessed from anywhere, so you always have access to your inventory & tracking information at all times.

EdgeMagic lets you get a closer look at your big data, without having to do hours of inventory. The power of RFID ensures that your data is accurate, and CYBRA makes sure that the data from those RFID tags make sense to you.

Whether you’re tracking goods in shipping, or maintaining store inventory, EdgeMagic gives you a boost in tracking your inventory, goods and equipment.

EdgeMagic RFID Solutions

  • Quickly deploy advanced, industrial strength RFID and barcode solutions without costly custom programming.
  • EdgeMagic installs in days, not months, so you’ll be up and running in no time. That’s why EdgeMagic customers see rapid ROI (Return On Investment) on their RFID and other Auto-ID investments.
  • EdgeMagic encodes and reads RFID tags and barcode labels and updates system database files in real time for accurate information and decision making.
  • EdgeMagic runs on major computing platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM System i/OS and AIX. So, no matter what modern operating system your business relies on, you can rely on EdgeMagic.
  • Since EdgeMagic is a browser based web application, you can access your company’s vital tracking and inventory information anywhere. EdgeMagic data interface can even be accessed via the cloud!


Add Your Readers Quickly & Easily

Simply pick from a list of supported readers, supply an IP address, and you’re ready to read RFID tags. Supporter reader manufacturers include Alien, Intermec, and Motorola.


No PC Needed

A native System i solution for commissioning, writing, and reading RFID tags, EdgeMagic is designed to manage edge devices, encode and read RFID tags as a stand-alone application or can be fully integrated with System i ERP/WWMS applications.


Browser Based & Cloud Accessible

Even when you’re not near your work computer, you still need to make sure your business is running. Get access to EdgeMagic’s data interface anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Tag Activity By Reader Or Location

EdgeMagic gives you complete control of reader performance. You check which tags were verified (or not) by reader name, reader location, activity type, or EPC code or URI (Universal Resource ID)


No More Chargebacks

End chargebacks and save money with EdgeMagic. Prove to your trading partner that you read every EPC tag for every line on every folder.


Tags Verified

EdgeMagic makes it easy to verify RFID tags by product, description, GTIN, URI, EPC, user and other user defined criteria.


EdgeMagic Dashboards

EdgeMagic Dashboards make it easy to visualize RFID tag data in context with your oder, production, and sales data. You can analyze performance, spot trends, and act on the improved business intelligence because the RFID data is not on an island – it’s an integral component of your ERP or WMS system.

Search By GTIN

With EdgeMagic, you can search for commisioned EPC tags for any GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). Each unique carton or item tag generated can be easily found and its status determined.

View Tag Details in 5250 Interface

EdgeMagic is the world’s only native RFID control software that runs on IBM i operating system. No BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). No viruses. No need for PC servers.

EdgeMagic Solves Issues in Any Industry


You need to improve efficiency on your manufacturing floor. Tracks products that are in progress from start to finish,


You are a garment or watch manufacturer looking to reduce the time required to “check out” samples from your inventory and “check in” samples from trade shows and showrooms.


You are a looking to reduce the time (and labor cost) for conducting physical inventory by 80% at your warehouse

Safety & Security

You need a new way to track your employees to ensure their safety. And, of course, you want the solution to be inexpensive to implement.


You are looking for a new way to decrease loss prevention at your store without having to hire more security or cameras.


You need to improve hospital inventory and make it easier for employees to keep track of expensive machinery.

Current Version

em_platformThe EdgeMagic Platform provides the full range of features needed for managing EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliance mandates, printing, reading and validating RFID tags, integration with ERP and WMS applications and management reporting.

EdgeMagic Platform gives you complete control over your tag integration, printing, and formatting, along with offering advanced analytics and integration with any device. It’s the most powerful RFID software on the market.

EdgeMagic Essentials

Do you already have an existing RFID system in place for your business? If you are looking to improve how your RFID system runs, EdgeMagic Essentials could be perfect for you. Essentials gives you the ability to integrate the best features of EdgeMagic, but only through an API.

EdgeMagic Mobile Platform

phone1EdgeMagic is fully available on any modern smartphone device. Receive important inventory and product tracking data right to your phone, and never be out of the loop with your inventory and supply chain. EdgeMagic Mobile Platform includes support for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS EdgeMagic Apps.

Note: EdgeMagic Mobile Platform is required for all apps requiring handheld RFID readers 

Auto ID Facts & Figures

  • Raise Inventory Accuracy From an Average of 63% to 95% 95%
  • Increase Item Availability to Boost Sales From 2% to 20% 20%
  • Improve Inventory Labor Productivity By 96% 96%
  • Cut Out of Stock at Retail By Up to 50% 50%


Can I Purchase EdgeMagic in a Language Other Than English?

Yes. EdgeMagic is available in any language.

Can I Download a New Version of EdgeMagic?

Yes. If you would like to update your version of EdgeMagic, go to our Downloads page to download the latest version.

Which Operating Systems Work With EdgeMagic?

EdgeMagic will work on your System i, AIX, Linux or Windows business server

How long does it take to integrate EdgeMagic into my business?

It is up to you! If you are already using RFID tags on your goods, and have your preferred RFID tag readers, it can take a few hours to start getting data coming into your EdgeMagic interface.

Does EdgeMagic Come With Tech Support?

No, it is not a standard feature. If you need support, make sure you order EdgeMagic with an annual license.

What Kind of RFID Readers Work With EdgeMagic?

EdgeMagic works with all major RFID readers.