CYBRA Case Studies

What our customers have to say about CYBRA Corporation products


Elite Medical Supply 

Elite Medical Supply needed to enhance traceability of inventory, reduce occurrences of missing medical supplies, improve the receiving of Goods/Check-in process, and simplify the process for reordering inventory.

Albany Medical Center

The Director of the Albany Medical Center Hospital Pharmacy needed to establish an efficacious medication reconciliation program to guarantee patient safety. He needed the right tool to bring his department into the 21st century.

Bricklayers Union

How does a union local serve 5,000 members on a regular basis easily and efficiently? No problem. Just use more than a few of the features of MarkMagic for the System i..

Charmant USA

What do Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, Sharon Stone, Donatella Versace, Claudia Schiffer, and Snoop Dogg have in common? All these top celebrities have all been photographed wearing frames from CYBRA customer Charmant USA.


If you've ever been in a Home Depot store or a Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, you've seen aisles of build-it-yourself shelving and accessories from ClosetMaid of Ocala, Florida. ClosetMaid who uses MarkMagic Bar Code Label and Forms Software for document processing, is the leading manufacturer and marketer of home storage and organization products..

David Del Curto

What is 8" wide, 14" long and has more than 300 fields? A bar code label format that David Del Curto needed to print on demand - at harvest time - in the company's orchard processing plants. The grower turned to Psion Teklogix for wireless data processing to connect the company's System i computers with orchards across the country, and Psion Teklogix turned to CYBRA to deliver a key component of the system.

Hunter Fan

To help Hunter Fan meet the ever-growing demand for their products, MIS Director Ray Curry turned to CYBRA for a full range of printing solutions..

Joyce Foods

What takes less than 18 minutes to manufacture, and has a shelf life of eight days? Kosher for Passover matzahs produced by CYBRA customer, Joyce Foods, one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of kosher foods

Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment Co-op relies on MarkMagic Bar Code Label Software for item marking. To meet the ever growing demands of their membership, MEC IT Specialist Paul Goudron turned to CYBRA for a System i-based bar code label printing solution.

North American Paper

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel or motel, dined in a restaurant, or attended an event in a stadium, you’re familiar with the signature paper products from North American Corporation of Illinois. Also known as North American Paper, this MarkMagic customer is a wholesale distributor of industrial and personal service paper, industrial chemicals and janitorial supplies and custom printed paper and packaging products.

Raven Industries

What do engineered films such as ultra thin and reinforced plastic sheeting, electronic GPS systems, flow controls for agriculture, military parachutes and inflatable advertising balloons have in common? MarkMagic, a vital tool in the sales, manufacture, and distribution of all these Raven Industries products.

Remy Martin

As Mme Dominique Hériard Dubreuil, the chairman of Rémy Martin, says: "Taste is at the heart of everything we do." And her taste extends to her technology: MarkMagic is a key ingredient in Rémy's recipe for supply chain success.

St. Joseph Hospital

Not content to wait for a government mandated solution, St. Joseph Hospital of Augusta, Georgia, turned to MarkMagic Forms for a solution to prevent medication errors, fast. St. Josephs wanted the benefits of such a solution without delay.


Spiewak, who uses the MarkMagic Bar Code Label and Forms Software family for document processing, services some of the most demanding customers in the world: industrial and public sector clients who require tough, enduring, and functional clothing, and urban trendsetters who demand the latest styles.

Wacoal America

Wacoal America, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of ladies intimate apparel. This MarkMagic customer manufactures garments under the Wacoal, Donna Karan Intimates and DKNY Underwear labels.  Garment care labels have many regulatory requirements and is a lot of information to fit on a label small enough for undergarments.

Weinbrenner Shoes

How does the U.S. Postal Service deliver the mail in rain and snow? Wearing rugged footwear from MarkMagic customer Weinbrenner Shoe Company of Merrill, Wisconsin. Since 1892, Weinbrenner has been a leading manufacturer and pioneer in the American footwear industry, initiating many of the significant safety and job-fitted design elements that are common today. And, since 1996, Weinbrenner has been using MarkMagic to pioneer bar code labels.