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JMagic Designer

JMagic Java-Based WYSIWYG Label and Forms Designer
Can you imagine that designing labels and forms can actually be fun? All MarkMagic development editions feature our exclusive Java-based JMagic WYSIWYG Label and Forms Designer FREE with your MarkMagic Developer License.

You’ll be productive instantly. Working with MarkMagic’s elegant WYSIWYG designer is effortless. Picture yourself tracing compliance labels right on the screen. Then, preview your finished label or form right on the screen with your actual data automatically extracted from your application files. JMagic does all that and more!

JMagic becomes a tremendous asset to any business that needs to create forms, labels, receipts, or any other important business documents in a dynamic, simple way.



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Save Time With Variable Graphics

Easily add color logos or product drawings. And you can define variable graphics when you want different images to print automatically for each product.

JMagic variable graphics lets you automatically print a graphic associated with an SKU or style.

Variable graphics can be tied to fields in your database. You no longer have to create multiple formats, each containing a different static graphic when you want a different graphic image, such as a logo or product line drawing, on each printed label or form.

Need to resize a barcode, graphic or text field? Just drag the field’s handles! You can even import all file fields with one mouse click. When designing a label, form, or report, all the fields in the source data or spooled output file can be mapped and imported into the form with one click of the mouse.

By simplifying variable graphics, you can automate more print jobs, which leaves you more time to do other things.

Make Quick Edits Easily

Sometimes you just need to make a small tweak to your forms or labels. That shouldn’t take hours of work, right? The JMagic quick edit feature lets you change field values effortlessly.

Did you ever wish you could open a format and change all the text fonts without editing each text field? Or, would you like to modify the length of variable fields, without editing each field one at a time?

You can with the MarkMagic Quick Edit interface. One of the four user interfaces included in MarkMagic, Quick Edit allows “heads down” changes, adds, deletes and copies of format fields. In addition, you can rapidly modify field values as easily as changing the values in a PC spreadsheet by selecting “columns” of parameters to edit. Quick Edit also includes a full screen feature for advanced users.

Whether it’s a small change, or a major overhaul – JMagic makes it easy to edit your business critical documents.

Create Or Edit Entire Forms in Seconds

If you need to overhaul your forms, receipts, or labels, chances are you will need to do it quickly. If something happens such as labeling compliance is altered dramatically, you’ll be glad you have JMagic. Nothing lets you edit or create forms faster than JMagic.

Redesigning an existing form in JMagic is as easy as clicking one button, and all the spooled file fields are retrieved and displayed just like they appear on the form? Or, did you know that selecting a data source is just as easy in the native System i interfaces?

By pressing one function key, every field in a database file can be imported into a label format.

You can automatically create an entire format against an existing spooled file. JMagic will create a new text field every time there are one or more blank spaces between the text in your spooled data file. This is a fast way to duplicate your spooled data. You can add lines, boxes, bar codes, and graphics without mapping each text field individually. Font changes can be made quickly, fields can be deleted to customize your form, and you can put it into production in minutes.

Create Conditional Rules

Did you ever wish that your print jobs could automatically print a text field in red when an amount is less than zero? Or, how would you like the ability to swap bar code types based on the carrier specified – and do it on a record by record basis? Could you use the ability to have the data determine whether a field appears or not?

Imagine being able to do these types of conditional printing, and more – without any programming.

Within JMagic is PrintTransformer. With PrintTransformer, you will be able to create rules and conditions that will allow you to automate future print jobs.

PrintTransformer  lets you take control of your document management with minimum effort. At print time, PrintTransformer automatically processes rules and conditions, changes printing instructions, bursts print files to print each page or record with its own set of instructions and changes field attributes based on field data. PrintTransformer adds a whole new capability that you never had before – the power to develop sophisticated, dynamically formatted print jobs without writing a line of code.

Stop outsourcing design changes or pulling a programmer off another project. Users who normally request changes (or new formats) can now easily make them on their own. Save time and money by adding conditions to automatically format these changes. All with absolutely no programming.

Did We Mention No Programming Knowledge is Needed to Run JMagic Like a Pro?

Since day 1, JMagic was created for the non-programmer. But, with its ease of use and powerful features, the program will be invaluable to novices and experts alike. With JMagic, you will be able to create and edit your most important business documents so easily, you’ll wonder how your business ran without it!
JMagic is part of the MarkMagic software program, and comes in every version of MarkMagic for free.

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