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The World's Leading Brands Rely on CYBRA Corporation


Rémy Makes Great Cognacs; MarkMagic Helps Sell Them

Rémy Martin makes great cognacs and a great story. Beginning almost three centuries ago, the story recounts the extraordinary determination of generations of family, friends and a dedicated team to battle the odds and create reality from a vision that now sees its eaux de vie rank among the finest in the world.

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MarkMagic, RFDC, Put Fruit on Your Table

What is 8" wide, 14" long and has more than 300 fields? A bar code label format that David Del Curto needed to print on demand — at harvest time — in the company's orchard processing plants. The grower turned to Psion Teklogix for wireless data processing to connect the company's System i computers with orchards across the country, and Psion Teklogix turned to CYBRA to deliver a key component of the system.

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Helping RAB Food Group Put 3,500 Different Foods on Passover Tables

What takes less than 18 minutes to manufacture, and has a shelf life of eight days? Kosher for Passover matzahs produced by CYBRA customer, RAB Food Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of kosher foods. RAB, which produces or distributes more than 3,500 different kosher food items, relies on MarkMagic Bar Code Label Software and a wireless network from CYBRA Partner Teklogix to help them meet the ever growing demand of kosher consumers for certified kosher products

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