MarkMagic Labels, Forms, and RFID Help ClosetMaid Customers Get Organized


If you've ever been in a Home Depot store or a Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, you've seen aisles of build-it-yourself shelving and accessories from ClosetMaid of Ocala, Florida.

ClosetMaid has been in the business of helping builders and homeowners maximize storage space since 1964 offering innovative answers to their organization needs. And since 1992, MarkMagic has been helping the company meet their barcoding needs. ClosetMaid According to Walter "Wally" Watts, VP of MIS, "When we first started using MarkMagic in 1992, we were using only Monarch printers. Since then, we've added Intermec and Zebra printers, and MarkMagic has supported them all.


who uses MarkMagic Bar Code Label and Forms Software for document processing, is the leading manufacturer and marketer of home storage and organization products. ClosetMaid is a division of Emerson and part of its Emerson Storage Solutions business, which provides answers to storage challenges for the consumer, commercial, healthcare, food service, and industrial markets.

Storage Innovation

Known for their exclusive ShelfTrack® wire and laminate storage solutions that include such features as Superslide® hardware (which allows continuous hanger movement from one end of a shelf to the other)

ClosetMaid has long been an innovator in information technology as well. For more than 10 years the company has been printing UCC compliance labels as well as other bar code labels for internal use.

Here's how ClosetMaid relies on both MarkMagic Bar Code Label Software and MarkMagic Forms Software to help them meet the ever growing demand for their products.

First, the company selected MarkMagic to print bar code labels and they are currently printing these labels on Zebra thermal label printers.

Once Watts started using MarkMagic for his labeling needs, he found additional uses for the package and upgraded his MarkMagic license to Enterprise Edition.



In addition to driving Zebra thermal printers, with MarkMagic for Labels, Watts uses MarkMagic Forms and IBM IPDS printers to print shipping forms for Home Depot. 

To get ready for future EPC-compliance requirements, ClosetMaid has begun an RFID project, and MarkMagic will be used to drive the company's RFID encoders as well.

CYBRA also supplies ClosetMaid with hardware ranging from Protocol Converters to Plastic ID Card swipe readers. According to Watts, CYBRA is the right company for his AutoID needs. "I find it very easy to work with MarkMagic. And when I need hardware or supplies I just pick up the phone and call my Account Manager, or Sheldon or Chuck and get the help I need fast."

For more than 40 years ClosetMaid has been manufacturing products of the highest quality. Tools such as MarkMagic help ensure the ClosetMaid reputation for innovation continues for years to come.

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