Thousands of customers worldwide harness the power and rich functionality of MarkMagic daily to handle all their label, form and RFID tag design and printing needs.  They access MarkMagic from a wide variety of computing platforms – from IBM Power System i to LINUX and Windows.

And now, after twenty five years of industry leading innovations,
MarkMagic is available as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) cloud solution.

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The Most Robust MarkMagic Offering Ever

The culmination of years of innovative software engineering, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing is a total document development solution with features and capabilities not found in any other cloud printing product. MarkMagic On Demand replaces multiple on premise software packages with one cost-effective, integrated cloud offering to help you add bar code, forms, reports, and RFID technology without programming. MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing provides the full power of our industry-leading label and forms design and printing capabilities without your company having to manage the servers or software.

With our cloud-based solution, system installation and configuration, server operation and maintenance, data integration—all of the tasks related to setting up and running your enterprise printing system—are handled by CYBRA. Your teams are free to focus on what’s most important for you: format development, print job creation, and of course growing your business.

Take advantage of our cloud-based managed design and print system. MarkMagic On Demand users can print from any device, any platform, on any network. The flexibility, ease of use and quick deployment of MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing is what makes it such a desirable choice for ISV’s and end users alike. Choose from a variety of software delivery and deployment options. Whichever way, you will reap the benefits of the most robust enterprise printing solution in the cloud.

MarkMagic On Demand Benefits

Enterprise-Class Cloud Platform

The barcode labeling and plain paper electronic forms standard used by thousands of nation’s top companies every day, MarkMagic On Demand brings all this power to the cloud and securely connects with your legacy or cloud systems and data to address your real-world printing challenges.

No Server Hardware or Software to Install

All your business locations need is an Internet connection and a web browser. Implementing MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing is seamless and easy, and you’ll be designing and printing labels and forms in under an hour.

Robust Infrastructure

You won’t find a better platform for your cloud printing needs. MarkMagic On Demand is hosted in world-class data centers with full redundancy and massive load balancing to ensure that every print job prints as fast as possible no matter where your printers are physically located.

A Cloud Printing Solution that Works Like You Do

Whether you need to print a few simple labels in a store, or a wave of thousands of shipping labels and pick tickets in a distribution center, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing integrates as tightly with your enterprise as an on premise solution.


No Maintenance and IT Burden

Put your IT department to work on other projects. The CYBRA team manages the host servers, performs operating system maintenance and support, and lets you focus your people on revenue producing projects.

Not Just Support. True Collaboration.

Since 1990, CYBRA has been helping the world’s largest brands tackle their thorniest printing challenges. We’ll work with you to improve how you print, not just help you with what you print.

Faster and Easier to Implement

In addition to quickly implementing print support using PrintMonitor to watch files for added records, CYBRA collaborates with your application developers to show you how to fully integrate MarkMagic On Demand and how to configure and set up the solution to quickly and easily go live.

An Easy To Learn, Easy To Use Solution

MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing with our exclusive browser-based JMagic Web Designer is easy-to-learn and can be implemented easily to print all the labels, forms, signs, RFID tags and other documents needed.

Labels, Forms, and More.

With MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing, you learn one tool to print bar code labels, carrier labels, store signs, checks, invoices, pick tickets, RFID tags, and even plastic cards and fabric care labels. They all use the same print engine, same format design tool and most important, the same PrintMonitor, API’s and the same data structures.

MarkMagic On Demand Features


Browser Based JMagic Web Designer

MarkMagic On Demand features our exclusive JMagic WYSIWYG Label and Forms Designer now delivered in a standard browser window. This is an industry first. You’ll be productive instantly. Working with the elegant JMagic Web Designer is effortless.

Picture yourself tracing compliance labels or complex forms right on the screen. Then, preview your finished label or form with your actual data presented from your print files. Need to resize a bar code, graphic or text field? Just drag the field’s handles! You can even import all file fields with one mouse click.

Conditional Printing

MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing features our exclusive PrintTransformer technology that lets you print fields based on user defined conditions. MarkMagic On Demand Print Transformer makes it easy to define rules at the field level. Text, Bar Code, Line, Box, Graphic, Text Block and RFID field attributes can be defined to conditionally print based on variable data or job attributes. Redirect and modify in-process print jobs without programming.

Print files that meet user-defined criteria are manipulated and printed according to user determined rules. This eliminates programming for virtually all complex forms printing applications. Using intelligent print routing, print files can be separated and sent to different printers and e-mail addresses based on the data in the print file. In addition, print file records can cause several documents to be printed on different printers based on the information in the print file.

Print Anything, Anywhere

MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing supports all industry standard print streams including thermal output (such as Zebra, Avery, etc.), HP laser, PDF (with full color support), and dozens of specialty printer languages. All MarkMagic On Demand labels and forms can be saved and either emailed or faxed. Unlike the server based versions of MarkMagic, where additional functionality requires an investment in additional “options” licenses, MarkMagic On Demand requires no additional licenses. Every option is available to you automatically.

No Programming Required

No programmers available? No problem. Powerful MarkMagic On Demand PrintMonitor technology watches output queues for spool files, and watches physical files for added records. Files that meet user-defined criteria can be automatically printed. PrintMonitor is ideal if you have no source code available, or you don’t have the resources to change source programs. Print Monitor lets you implement all MarkMagic printing features without the need for any programming.

Widest Range of Platforms and OS Support

Only the MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing solution works with any major platform – MS Windows Server, IBM-AIX, UNIX, Linux, and IBM Power System i and supports transaction data from any database.   Any application can easily integrate the MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing solution through the use of APIs.

Unparalleled Printing Performance

Only MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing supports more than 450 thermal bar code label, laser forms, and RFID tag printer device types, and gives you unparalleled printing performance and complete control over print options including paper handling, cutting, stacking, and other finishing requirements. MarkMagic On Demand even supports specialty printer types such as fabric care label and plastic card printers.


Flexible Deployment Options

In addition to variable hosting plans, wide platform and database support, and class-leading print driver support, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing can be deployed in a manner best suited to your production requirements and firewall capabilities.

Offered are software only deployments where each printer is directly addressable by MarkMagic in the Cloud and hardware-assisted deployments where hundreds of printers can be served per physical location through a single IP address.

Technical Details


Seamless Integration

MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing lets you spend your time developing your application (or running a business) and not working on printing. Our robust methods for adding cloud printing to your application (PrintMonitor, API’s, MarkMagic Jobs) are so comprehensive, with great documentation and lots of examples you’ll be up and running in no time. When you combine the power of MarkMagic Access Tokens and our API’s, you can easily add super sophisticated print functions to your application in a matter of days.


Lightning Fast

How fast is the MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing Solution? Because all of our printer drivers are native, we measure print performance in milliseconds. Years of know how guide us in driving each printer type at its fastest capacity. No matter how many concurrent print jobs are submitted our load balanced infrastructure ensures you won’t be waiting for printer output, or watching your print queue grow as jobs slowly make their way across the internet.


MarkMagic Action Tokens

MarkMagic Action Tokens let customers update their account via API to meet changing printing needs. Served dynamically from MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing servers, our exclusive tokenization approach enables our dynamic pricing and elastic print performance. This cloud self-authorization system means you don’t have to contact CYBRA to ask for additional server capacity, load balancing, or storage. Need to print in seasonal warehouses? No problem. Use a token to authorize additional connections, and reduce capacity after the season ends.

Print to Any Printer

MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing supports the Printer Control Languages in use in your operations. Whether you use Avery, Intermec, Monarch, Sato or Zebra thermal printers, HP PCL5 laser printers, or any of our 450 supported printer types, if your printer is installed in your business, it will work with MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing.

Private and Secure

Program requests to MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing servers are authenticated using HTTP basic authentication. In addition, print jobs can be optionally 256-bit SSL/TLS encrypted. We don’t store any documents (unless you prefer us to). Files are deleted immediately after they have been successfully printed. Files are only processed for printing and cannot be viewed by anyone at any time. We optionally can support zero knowledge printing where your print jobs run directly from your servers so your information never leaves your network.

Cross Platform

We support all major platforms. So you don’t have to. You don’t even need to be logged in. When in production, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing runs when PrintMonitor reads new records or when MarkMagic is called via our API’s.

Options and Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Why pay for capacity you don’t need? MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing features our exclusive dynamic pricing where you pay only for the printing you need. During off periods, your bills will reflect the lighter print volume, but when you need all the printing power necessary for peak, seasonal printing you’ll never hit a ceiling that can impact your business.

Imagine scaling up your printing and back down dynamically. Kind of like your electric utility.

Hosting Options

A perfect OEM offering for an ISV with many disparate applications looking for a common solution for all AutoID needs, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing licenses are also available for ISV hosting.


Pricing Details

Activation fee is a one time charge. Hosting, Bandwidth, Disk, and Metering are billed quarterly. Which hosting, disk, and bandwidth tier is right for you? Start by counting your existing label and production printers. Then determine how many of these printers need to operate concurrently. No need to worry though, we’ll help you choose the best performing combination to meet your expected workload. And with our elastic configuration options, you can always expand or reduce capacity to meet your needs.

Multi Tenant or Single Tenant Hosting

Exceedingly scalable, MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing is delivered whichever way best meets your requirements. These may include Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (GRC) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Choose the hosting model that suits your line of business, network architecture, and business rules.

Software delivery choices include:
Single Tenant, where your cloud environment contains your own copy of MarkMagic, your own database, and your own dedicated hardware resources. Single Tenant is most similar to what you are accustomed to with an on premise system.

Multi Tenant, where multiple customer accounts share hardware resources and run the same shared instance of MarkMagic. The data is separated logically and secured. Bottom Line: If your main concerns are the ultimate in security and performance, single tenant is probably the right choice for you. But at a price. For more cost effective cloud hosting, you may want to consider multi tenant.

Pricing as a Utility

With MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Printing Solution dynamic pricing you pay for the printing you need. There are no per seat or per printer charges. An unlimited number of users can be enrolled to design labels and forms with the JMagic Web Designer. You pay for what you print. Period. Here’s how:


Port Forwarding

If you have a compatible firewall, MarkMagic On Demand can print directly to IP addressable printers through port forwarding.

Software Assisted Printing

If you need to meet GRC and PCI DSS standards compliance, you may need to encrypt the communications between MarkMagic On Demand and your on premises printers. This can be accomplished with VPN software which is typically loaded on existing on premises workstation or server.

Hardware Assisted Printing

If each of your business locations has more than a handful of printers, a MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Print Server can serve multiple printers through a single IP address. This appliance provides file spooling, hold and release, VPN and Decryption.

The MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Print Server is a “headless,” purpose-engineered, high performance, dust-resistant, zero maintenance server. Featuring zero noise, low heat, and minimal energy usage, the MarkMagic On Demand Cloud Print Server is a solid state solution with no moving parts that is designed for maximum uptime and is remotely supported and automatically updated by CYBRA tech support personnel.


MarkMagic On Demand