Our VP of sales sat down to talk RFID and our automated carton validation solution with PaladinID.

Dana:  Mike, we’ve known each other a long time, and you’ve always been considered an RFID pioneer.  Why is RFID finally becoming a viable solution for retailers and consumer brand goods who sell to the retailers?

Mike:   Dana, it’s so ironic to think about how radio frequency technology advanced from applications used in medical research, defense and technical engineering into real-world supply chains like retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical…just to name a few!  I believe the adoption is inevitable when you consider that adding RFID to existing barcode labels and tags enables instantaneous pick-and-pack reading, identifies mis-encoded product from progressing through the system as well as validating and verifying multi-unit orders in seconds.  The amount of time that is saved and the amount of errors that are caught early is usually the ROI that substantiates an ecosystem implementation tying into existing enterprise software such as CGS Blue Cherry, Manhattan Associates’ WMS, Infor and Oracle SIM to name the primary integration capabilities.

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