More Than Half of Companies Surveyed Are Implementing or Piloting RFID Technology

Yonkers, NY July 17, 2012 – CYBRA Corporation (OTCBB: CYRP) the developer of award-winning MarkMagicTMBarcode Label, RFID Tag, and SM@RT Forms software products and EdgeMagic® Integrated RFID Control Softwarehas released the findings of their latest customer survey on RFID trends.

The survey results show an upward trend in the adoption of RFID technology. CYBRA’s first RFID Survey was conducted in 2008, in which only 21% of companies stated that they use RFID technology. According to the new survey, an amazing 54% of organizations are using, piloting, or already in the process of implementing RFID technology. This is a stunning 157% increase in just four years. According to the recent survey, 81% of respondents expect to achieve their Return on Investment (ROI) in three years or less, up from 72% in the previous survey. These statistics reveal that a growing number of companies are increasingly investing in RFID technology and shortening their payback period.

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